Chapter 267 - Azure True Essence

Chapter 267 Azure True Essence.

Chapter 267 – Azure True Essence


Zhang Yanzhao smashed against the martial stage’s protective barrier, the blood within his body tumbling endlessly. Although he had suffered a heavy injury, he was still able to use his saber to prop himself up on the ground, and not fall flat to the floor in a shameless scene.

How could this be!?

Zhang Yanzhao could not believe this. He had exhausted over 50% of his true essence in order to send out the Blood King’s Absolute Murder. The terrifying storm of saber energy that was released still wasn’t able to crush that azure spear light that was several times less than his own! Instead, that spear light pierced through layer upon layer of blood waves, finally striking him down!

What sort of spear light was that?

It was as if it were indestructible.

It was simply too terrifying!

As Zhang Yanzhao looked up and saw Lin Ming, he noticed that Lin Ming was standing exactly where he had been, without a single wound on his body. Zhang Yanzhao had clearly seen that in the split second that the Blood King’s Absolute Murder had reached Lin Ming, that azure spear light had managed to tear open a hole within the blood waves, parting them in half and allowing Lin Ming to dodge most of the attacks. As for the rest of the energy, it had struck Lin Ming but was unable to shatter apart the azure true essence that protected his body.

This kind of weird true essence was too terrifying!...

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