Chapter 266 - Blood King’s Triple Murder

Chapter 266 Blood King’s Triple Murder.


Chapter 266 – Blood King’s Triple Murder


A wave of blood soared to the heavens, and even the clouds in the skies parted. The rich true essence surged in the air like ripples in water, visible to even the naked eye. This true essence dispersed, struck the stage protection barrier, and then bounced back.

To the audience, it was as if the entire martial stage had been covered with a faint red tint; it seemed as if blood was floating everywhere in the sky.

“Blood King’s First Murder – Endless Waves!!”

Zhang Yanzhao gave a loud shout, and the treasure sword in his hand turned a brilliant blood red. A rich blood energy suddenly erupted forwards, it was as if countless surges of blood waves were rushing through the air.

As Zhang Yanzhao cut out with his knife, it was like the entire world had been covered by his saber energy; he could cut anything he wanted!

As Lin Ming faced this sword energy that seemed like massive waves of blood that blotted out the sky, Lin Ming also became incomparably serious. True essence poured into the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, and Flow like Silk broke out. At the same time, countless flashes of thunder arched around Lin Ming’s body, spear prestige transformed into a dragon!

A spear thrust out with an unstoppable momentum. 5000 filaments of vibrating true essence pounded wave after bloody wave.



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