Chapter 265 - Saber like Tiger, Spear like Dragon

Chapter 265 Saber like Tiger, Spear like Dragon.


Chapter 265 – Saber like Tiger, Spear like Dragon

“Jejeje! Baby boy, if you can deal with little spider puppet, how about I lose to you!”

Hearing Mugu Buyu’s arrogant words, Fang Qi could only bitterly clench his teeth. “You are too conceited! Although I might not be your match, if you want to take out a single second tier puppet to deal with me, then you are not placing me in your eyes at all!”

Although the Puppet Faction was mysterious, Fang Qi had a certain understanding of Mugu Buyu’s techniques. Mugu Buyu had at least three puppets, one of them a human puppet made from the body of a peak Houtian realm master that was also the fiercest of the three.

If that human puppet was brought out, then Fang Qi would admit he was no match. But now Mugu Buyu only brought out a spider puppet to deal with him, this was simply not respecting his abilities at all.

“Earth Array – Octagonal Slaughter Path!” Fang Qi threw out his array disc, and a series of golden runes flew out from it, directly surrounding the spider puppet.


Fang Qi waved an array flag, and all the golden runes tightened on the spider puppet; he wanted to kill the spider puppet trapped within the array.

The flashing golden runes fell towards the spider puppet. A brilliant golden light began to shine out from the spider puppet’s...

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