Chapter 264 - Zhang Yanzhao’s Blood Wave Saber

Chapter 264 Zhang Yanzhao’s Blood Wave Saber.

Chapter 264 – Zhang Yanzhao’s Blood Wave Saber

‘It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Lin Ming’s talent is even comparable to Qianyu’s. If he was placed within Divine Phoenix Island, he would undoubtedly be a top tier talent. Such a genius like this is worth me coming here; it would even be worthwhile for an elder to personally make a visit here.’

As Mu Qinghong thought this, she was in a very good mood. Even if she didn’t achieve her other goal, just coming and and personally gaining insights into Lin Ming’s talent was worth the while.

‘If the turmoil within the South Sea realm doesn’t reach here… then maybe after 100 years, or even 200 years when Lin Ming grows up, he may become a pivotal existence within the entire Southern Region.’

Thinking of the situation within the South Horizon Region, Mu Qinghong became extremely concerned. The chaos within the South Sea would directly affect the fate of Divine Phoenix Island.


As the matches on the martial stage continued, there were no important or famous figures that appeared. Of course, that was only relatively speaking. Even the weakest of these were much stronger than someone like Bi Tinghua.

After three matches, Zhang Yanzhao went on stage. He was up against the Sword Faction disciple,...

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