Chapter 263 - Genius of the Spear Path

Chapter 263 Genius of the Spear Path.


Chapter 263 – Genius of the Spear Path

“Lin Ming, victory!”

As the referee declared the result, the audience was completely blown away by this unbelievable conclusion. Fang Qi said he would allow Lin Ming three moves, and in the end, he was defeated in three moves…

Especially the disciples of the Array Faction, they looked like overripe eggplants that had been trampled on. Their complexions were simply beyond ugly. They had been counting on Fang Qi to maliciously stomp on Lin Ming, and let these toads known as the country hick martial artists that they would never be able to eat swan meat. They wanted Fang Qi to show them just what true disparity was. They simply never imagined this result, they could hardly accept it.

Fang Qi had been so completely defeated. If it were them, they would no doubt be in an even worse position!

As Lin Ming arrived at the contestant waiting area, he saw a yellow-clothed girl waiting there for him. This girl was Jing Chanyu.

“Thank you.” Jing Chanyu said in a hushed tone.

“Fang Qi is someone that I would have to defeat sooner or later. You don’t have to thank me.”

“Mm, I know…” Jing Chanyu was silent for a moment, not knowing a topic of conversation to bring up. When Lin Ming had unleashed the Flood Dragon shade behind him, and pierced through Fang Qi’s defensive barriers with a single spear...

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