Chapter 262 - Three Moves To Defeat The Opponent

Chapter 262 Three Moves To Defeat The Opponent.


Chapter 262 – Three Moves To Defeat The Opponent

“Impossible! It’s impossible! There’s no way he can destroy my Golden Light Array Flag!”

Fang Qi grit his teeth and pushed the true essence within his body to the limit. The intense energy caused his hair ribbon to come undone, his hair flailing in the wind, his face distorted like a monster.

And yet, that small crack still continued to expand! The golden light symbols that stuck to the blue curtain of light began to explode one after another.


Finally, all the golden runes came crashing down. The fifth curtain of blue light lost the support of the golden runes and was pushed to the breaking point; under the impact of the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, it was smashed apart!


Fang Qi shouted, and used the array flag he was waving to pound down on the Heavy Profound Soft Spear!

The array flag collided with the spear and a visible shockwave of true essence surged out. Fang Qi felt as if he had struck an immutable mountain; an unstoppable force followed through, sending him flying backwards.

The array flag was a top-quality treasure, but the spear was a weapon inherently crafted from rushing towards its enemies. When both fought each other, the result could be imagined!

The only consolation that Fang Qi had was that the forward...

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