Chapter 262 - Three Moves To Defeat The Opponent

Chapter 262 Three Moves To Defeat The Opponent.


Chapter 262 – Three Moves To Defeat The Opponent

“Impossible! It’s impossible! There’s no way he can destroy my Golden Light Array Flag!”

Fang Qi grit his teeth and pushed the true essence within his body to the limit. The intense energy caused his hair ribbon to come undone, his hair flailing in the wind, his face distorted like a monster.

And yet, that small crack still continued to expand! The golden light symbols that stuck to the blue curtain of light began to explode one after another.


Finally, all the golden runes came crashing down. The fifth curtain of blue light lost the support of the golden runes and was pushed to the breaking point; under the impact of the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, it was smashed apart!


Fang Qi shouted, and used the array flag he was waving to pound down on the Heavy Profound Soft Spear!

The array flag collided with the spear and a visible shockwave of true essence surged out. Fang Qi felt as if he had struck an immutable mountain; an unstoppable force followed through, sending him flying backwards.

The array flag was a top-quality treasure, but the spear was a weapon inherently crafted from rushing towards its enemies. When both fought each other, the result could be imagined!

The only consolation that Fang Qi had was that the forward force of the Heavy Profound Soft Spear had come to a halt, he had barely managed to block the attack.

The true essence aftermath had sent Fang Qi flying backwards. After he landed, he was even forced back several steps to steady his body. But at this time, he didn’t have the luxury of not losing face; it was already enough that he was able to receive this move.

Looking at the array flag in his hands, a third of the golden runes had broken to pieces!

Fang Qi felt a bitter heartache. This array flag was called the Golden Light Array Flag, and was a high-grade human-step magic treasure weapon. Not only that, but it was at the top of its kind. Its greatest function was to store these golden runes.

He had drawn these golden runes with painstaking care before the match, they were able to greatly increase the power of array formations. This was also meant be the final card in his hand. He had originally prepared to use it against those abnormal direct disciples like Ouyang Ming or Jiang Baoyun. Of course, Fang Qi didn’t believe that he could win against monsters like them, but he didn’t want to lose too badly. After all, all of them were direct disciples. If the disparity between them was too great, he wouldn’t have lost all his face.

But now in order to fight Lin Ming, he had used up a third of the golden runes. This caused Fang Qi to feel a hopeless grief that was beyond crying.  

If Fang Qi was feeling tearless bereavement, then the following few words by Lin Ming made him nauseous to the point of vomiting.

Lin Ming said, “There is still the final move!”


Fang Qi really wanted to slap himself on the cheeks. His damn mouth was just too cheap, he had actually said that he would allow him three moves!

And now, Fang Qi couldn’t back down. If he wasn’t able to take these three moves and instead admit defeat, he would lose any face he had left.

But if he didn’t admit defeat and the golden runes of the Golden Light Array Flag were lost in vain, then he would lose anyway!

How could there have been such a monster in the 36 countries! Was this fellow really human!?

At the contestant waiting area, Jiang Lanjian was staring at Lin Ming with shining wide eyes. Ever since Lin Ming had taken out his Heavy Profound Soft Spear, he had felt threatened!

If Lin Ming was only able to use soul attacks, Jiang Lanjian would never have placed Lin Ming in his eyes. His sword force was able to cut everything to nonexistence. This included the demons of the heart, karmic sins, obsessions, and of course, this also included soul attacks.

It could be said that to a true swordsman, a soul attack was nothing at all.

But now, Lin Ming had actually taken out a spear.

Although he had only used his spear once, that spear contained a peerless momentum that startled even Jiang Lanjian!

Regardless of whether it was a spear or a sword, they all had their own soul. A martial artist would normally only be able to use the physical body of the weapon. But a genuine, true master would be able to fuse the soul of their weapon into their attacks!

When Lin Ming had struck out a moment ago, his spear had contained the potential of the mountains and rivers, and even the prestige and magnificence of a dragon. The power of the spear had broken the five Nine Circles of Blue Light Arrays, and had forced Fang Qi into a critical state.

Especially the prestige of the dragon that was contained within that spear, it had already condensed to the point of manifesting the cry of a dragon! This was enough to make Jiang Lanjian feel ashamed of his own shortcomings.

As they said, sword like jade, saber like tiger, spear like dragon. Lin Ming was so young, and yet he had already achieved the realm of spear like dragon! This could be said to be a talent that defied the will of the heavens!

Jiang Lanjian had once thought he had reached a lofty peak of sword attainments. But now, compared to Lin Ming, he was far inferior.

Jiang Baoyun noticed Jiang Lanjian’s strange expression. He smiled and said, “Lanjian, your spirit seems down, this isn’t like you.”

Jiang Lanjian shook his head, “I was just startled by Lin Ming. Although he’s strong, it’s not enough to defeat my spirit.”

“Haha, that’s right, we swordsmen must never let our spirits succumb to pressure.” Jiang Baoyun kindly spoke as he patted Jiang Lanjian on the shoulder. Suddenly he thought of something and asked, “Lanjian, do you know how old Lin Ming is?”

“Maybe 17 or 18.” Jiang Lanjian speculated. He should be around 17 or 18, it wasn’t possible for him to be younger.

“Ha! You guessed wrong. Lin Ming is only 16 years old now, not only that, but he just hit 16 a few days ago!”


The usually staid Jiang Lanjian lost all of his calm and stood up straight.” Just turned 16!? Are you sure?”

“I was able to confirm with a Sword Faction elder. They’ve already begun to move in secret yesterday, they wish to pull Lin Ming into the Sword Faction! Yet, that was only yesterday. Now with today’s performance, I don’t think even the Sovereign will be able to sit still.” Jiang Baoyun was the direct disciple, so he naturally understood matters of the faction.

Jiang Lanjian was startled – this was no trivial matter. Leaving aside Lin Ming’s peak Bone Forging cultivation, which was something he could accept if Lin Ming had a sixth-grade talent.

What he thought most inconceivable was that Lin Ming was accomplished in comprehension of soul attacks, but also deeply skilled in spear powers.

None of this was able to be learnt in a short period of time, yet, he was a boy that had just turned 16 years old. He had practiced martial arts for a mere four years, thoroughly practiced a cultivation method, thoroughly understood soul attacks, and was a spear master; did he have an avatar technique or something?

And what was most terrifying was that Lin Ming had a thunder origin energy fusion compatibility of at least the sixth grade. This really made one disbelieve that a talent like this could exist in the world.

Jiang Baoyun patted Jiang Lanjian’s back, “Well, don’t give up!”

On the martial stage, Fang Qi had placed down five more Nine Circles of Blue Light arrays. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to set down more, it was just that five array formations was the limit that he could control. Not only that, but his true essence was limited, and he had to leave enough true essence to control the Golden Light Array Flag.

Fang Qi had mocked Lin Ming and said he would allow him three moves; this was to let Lin Ming gather his strength. But now the tables had turned and it was Lin Ming who was giving Fang Qi time to lay down his defense.

‘I still have two-thirds of my golden runes left. If I use them up all at once, I’ll be able to block his last strike. As long as I can block it I’ll just have to admit defeat afterwards. Even though I’ll lose, I’ll still be able to keep the last bit of my face.’

Fang Qi already decided to block Lin Ming’s attack at all costs, regardless of what he had to use. The Golden Light Array Flag had already been partially used up anyway, and there was no point in just having a few golden runes left over. It was better to just use them all up at once.

In Fang Qi’s opinion, if one third of the golden runes were able to block Lin Ming’s second move,  two thirds of the golden runes were definitely able to block Lin Ming’s third move.

Lin Ming grasped his Heavy Profound Soft Spear horizontally, his forearm touching the base; this was the stance of Iron Bridge Blocks the River.

With this strike, he would not stay his hand.

Zi zi zi zi!

Arcs of lightning as thick as an arm wrapped around the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. Lin Ming’s eyes sparked with a purple light, this was the color of the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder.

In those two previous attacks, Lin Ming had accumulated all of his momentum. Now, Lin Ming was just like a spear that was ready to strike out at any point, all of the air around him began to hum as energy rolled off his body.

Puff puff puff!

Fang Qi heard the first layer of Nine Circles of Blue Light Array tremble. This was because of the dangerous aura that Lin Ming was emitting; it was enough to pierce the blue curtain of light and create sound.

Fang Qi’s face drained of all blood, this was just momentum that Lin Ming was releasing, and yet it already had this power! Just how terrifying would a frontal attack be!?

He used another third of the golden runes ahead of time and plastered them onto the last layer of Nine Circles of Blue Light. Fang Qi then let out a calm breath. “I don’t believe your spear will be able to shatter the last two-thirds of my Golden Light Array Flag’s golden runes!”

Once Lin Ming’s momentum had reached the pinnacle, in that moment his pupils widened.

Golden Roc Shattering the Void erupted!

The Heavy Profound Soft Spear shot forth like a speeding meteor twisted with lightning. Spear force filled the void, even the air itself ignited.

Lin Ming’s soul force touched deep within him, the Heretical God Seed within his heart began to let out piercing cries of excitement!

Heretical God Force – open!


After the highly compressed true essence detonated from the Heretical God Seed, a Flood Dragon’s shadow once again manifested behind Lin Ming, but this time, it was even more lifelike than the last. Even the purple scales of the dragon were clearly visible! A resonant dragon impacted the sky, washing away all the clouds!

Divine Spear like Dragon!


The first Nine Circles of Blue Light Array shattered before the spear point even touched it. It was broken apart by the exceedingly powerful momentum released from the spear!

The second Nine Circles of Blue Light Array had just traced the tip of the spear when it was immediately destroyed. Compared to the first layer, it was even more thoroughly ruined. The spear contained vibrating true essence and the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder. To this spear, this defensive array formation was no different from paper!

Puff puff!

The Nine Circles of Blue Light Array began to explode one after another. Fang Qi had no recourse, he immediately pasted all of the golden runes onto the last Nine Circles of Blue Light Array. The entire array formation had turned completely into a bright gold!


The Heavy Profound Soft Spear pierced forwards with no flashiness. The intense collision of true essence created a massive true essence shockwave that heaved away all the crushed tiles on the martial stage, sending them scattering in all directions. Even the protective array formation that surrounded the martial stage began to tremble.

The Heretical God Force had been opened. Vibrating true essence had fused with mystic strength of the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder. This strike was almost Lin Ming’s strongest blow!

Ka ka ka!

The final layer of Nine Circles of Blue Light was only able to resist for a few breaths of time. Suddenly, countless cracks began to appear on the golden curtain of light, spreading out just like a spider web!

“How… how is this possible!?!?!?”

This was two-thirds of his golden runes!

Fang Qi had no chance to think anymore. The unstoppable spear light had already cracked open the last Nine Circles of Blue Light Array, heavily striking Fang Qi’s chest!


As the golden rune burst apart, the fifth and final Nine Circles of Blue Light Array loudly shattered. Fang Qi’s body was just like a sack that had been tossed in the air, spitting out blood as he flew backwards.

Three moves to defeat his opponent!

Fang Qi struck the protective circle of the martial stage, bounced to the ground, and fell unconscious.

The entire audience was completely silent.

Jing Chanyu’s two small hands were tightly gripped together, her large eyes just like javelins as she stared at Lin Ming, her vision filled with a complex emotion.

She had asked Lin Ming to absolutely win, so that he could obtain justice for all of them. She had hoped he would try his hardest, but in her heart she wasn’t sure if Lin Ming had the power to succeed.

But now, he had won. And not only that, he won with an overwhelming victory!


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