Chapter 261 - What They Call Disparity

Chapter 261 What They Call Disparity.


Chapter 261 – What They Call Disparity

Lin Ming was deaf to all the raucous sounds and cheers around him.

‘Allow me three moves? Good. Then I’ll kindly welcome your generous offer. I’ll see if after these three moves, you still have a chance to make one of your own!’

“Match, start!”

The referee announced the long awaited words that the audience had been hoping for. Lin Ming didn’t instantly move the second the match began. Rather, faint purple-hued true essence twined down his right fist, filling with electric flashes and sparks that crackled in the air. There was even the faint sound of a Flood Dragon’s majestic roar!

Fang Qi smiled, his face completely filled with utter confidence. He reached out his hand and drew a line, and a golden symbol appeared out of thin air. During the group stages, Fang Qi had faced off against the Refiner Faction disciple Zhou Yan, and was able to use this symbol to instantly devour the burning flames that were released.

Fang Qi had plenty of confidence that besides the other abnormal direct disciples, there was no one else capable of breaking it. There was a self-contained independent mini-dimension within that could transfer and contain attacks. Only an extreme force that exceeded its capacity could break it, otherwise, there was no attack that could harm Fang Qi.

The reason that...

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