Chapter 260 - Allow Me Three Moves?

Chapter 260 Allow Me Three Moves?.


Chapter 260 – Allow Me Three Moves?

The sweet dulcet tones of the zither echoed crisply onstage. Even those people that were sitting in the Seven Profound Valleys’ Grand Hall were able to clearly hear the melody.

“Why the hell would I want to listen to your zither music!?” Jing Chanyu coldly snorted and sealed off her ears with true essence.

She didn’t need to be a genius to know that there was something strange about this zither music. Jing Chanyu pushed her true essence to the extreme. Facing someone like Qin Wuxin, she had to have the mindset of going all out from the start, otherwise even the smallest chance of resisting would slip through her fingers.

The thick yellow defensive barrier surrounded her. Jing Chanyu hadn’t even moved. Her palm was like a saber, she was preparing to use the Halcyon Reflection Great Wisdom Palm. This was also the strongest instant martial skill in her repertoire.

However, just as she was ready to strike out, her body suddenly froze. Her eyes opened incredibly wide. The absolute defense that she was proud of and had poured all of her true essence into suddenly began to inexplicably crack. A single crack had just appeared, and then it instantly covered her entire defense.


There was a loud shattering sound, and her tenacious defensive shell was...

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