Chapter 259 - Puppet Faction

Chapter 259 Puppet Faction.


Chapter 259 – Puppet Faction

“Look at how scorching hot the flames on Sun Lin’s sword are, maybe his Hollow Flame Essence has already been strengthened to the 1000 year rank! It’s just too abnormal.

A Flame Essence was an immortal fire that would never extinguish, but a Hollow Flame Essence was not. If a Hollow Flame Essence wasn’t augmented with fire origin energy for a long enough period of time, then the Hollow Flame Essence would gradually weaken until it finally withered into nothingness.

Of course, the more powerful a Hollow Flame Essence was, the longer it would take until it began to fade away. As for a weak Hollow Flame Essence, a 1000 year rank meant that it could naturally exist in perpetuity for 1000 years after a supply of fire origin energy was cut off from it.

1000 years was a fairly long period of time; the Seven Profound Valleys only had a heritage of 600 years.

Even for the core disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys who had a massive amount of resources, a Flame Essence was extremely extravagant, to the point of being unattainable. Having a 1000 year rank Hollow Flame Essence was a high honor.

“How many moves do you think it will take for Senior-apprentice Brother Jiang to win?”

“Not sure. I think around 10 moves, or it could even go up to 20!” Although Sun Lin had showed a...

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