Chapter 257 - Shield of Thunder

Chapter 257 Shield of Thunder.


Chapter 257 – Shield of Thunder

The last person of those 20 was naturally Lin Ming.

Compared to the 19 disciples in front of him, Lin Ming was extremely ordinary. He came from an ordinary family and lived an ordinary life. Yet Lin Ming aroused an enormous interest from everyone.

In particular, the upper echelons of the Seven Profound Valleys. They had already been briefed on all of Lin Ming’s information. For a 16 year old to have such a performance in the Total Faction Martial Meeting was rare even in the last 200 years!

At this time, the sun hadn’t risen. Dawn was just around the corner, and yet there were already crowds of people gathered on the square of the Seven Profound Valleys’ Grand Hall.

The various elders of the small sects in the Seven Profound territory, the 16 group leaders of the martial cultivation families, the various Martial House Masters and nobles of the 36 countries, and other great characters were gathered in the square. Any of these characters would be grand figures if placed within a small country; their existence itself would earn the admiration of millions. But here, these people weren’t even allowed to sit in the front row, much less go into the Grand Hall.

“This year’s Total Faction Martial Meeting should have the most skilled disciples in nearly the last three centuries!” In the audience, Huoluo Nation’s Martial House Master Luo was sipping some tea. As the Martial House Master of a large country, he had been given preferential treatment. He had a table by his side, some tea to drink, and also some dried fruits to nibble on.

“Hehe, definitely. Didn’t Divine Phoenix Island send out a messenger? They really are giving face to our Seven Profound Valleys....

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