Chapter 255 - Entering the First Tier

Chapter 255 Entering the First Tier.


Chapter 255 – Entering the First Tier

Shi Zongtian knew that there were two great Saintess of Divine Phoenix Island. Both were seventh-grade talents, and both had seventh-grade fusions with an element.

The Blue Luan Saintess’ attribute was water, and the Vermillion Bird Saintess’ attribute was fire. They had reached Pulse Condensation at 15, Houtian at 17, Xiantian at 22, extreme Xiantian at 26, and at 27 years of age they had taken a half-step into the Revolving Core realm!

Compared to monstrous talents like this, their so called gathering of talents – the Total Faction Martial Meeting – was more like a gathering of blabbering toddlers.

Thinking of Mu Qianyu, Shi Zongtian couldn’t really muster up any courage to resist. After all, Divine Phoenix Island could casually send one of their elders to the Seven Profound Valleys and not even the Elder Ancestor of the Seven Profound Valleys would be their match.

Even if it was Mu Qianyu, with her half-step Revolving Core cultivation, and her true strength that far surpassed a similar martial artist, she might not necessarily be any worse than their Elder Ancestor!

Shi Zongtian couldn’t help but wonder if Divine Phoenix Island really didn’t care about giving face to their sect, how should he manage this situation?

Lin Ming was still only a Seven Profound Martial House disciple – he wasn’t a true disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys. If he left, it wouldn’t really be considered as betraying his sect. Not only that, but the resources that Divine Phoenix Island could provide him far exceeded what the Seven Profound Valleys could offer. If he stood in Lin Ming’s shoes, then even he would favor Divine Phoenix Island!

Compared to Divine Phoenix Island, Shi Zongtian simply didn’t have any confidence.

Shi Zongtian let loose a heavy breath and then asked, “Fairy Maiden Qinghong, is it really for so simple a reason like searching for a friend of Her Highness the Saintess that you came to the Seven Profound Valleys?”

Mu Qinghong laughed, “Is Valley Master Shi worried about something?”

Shi Zongtian calmly said, “Lin Ming is a disciple of my Seven Profound Valleys.”

“As far as I know, he is only a student of Sky Fortune Kingdom’s Seven Profound Martial House…”

Shi Zongtian furrowed his eyebrows, he wasn’t able to refute this point. Thinking back to when he had been boasting, he felt a bit embarrassed.

After a period of awkward silence passed, Shi Zongtian suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. Maybe Mu Qianyu knew Lin Ming, but even so, why would Mu Qianyu not contact Lin Ming secretly? All she had to do was take the first step and offer favorable conditions to win over Lin Ming to join Divine Phoenix Island. Why come to their Seven Profound Valleys Total Faction Martial Meeting? Even the reward for becoming the champion of the Total Faction Martial Meeting, a Heaven Opening Pill, wasn’t anything to Divine Phoenix Island.

Shi Zongtian couldn’t figure out this riddle, but he also didn’t ask why.

At this time, Mu Qinghong said, “In truth, my family’s Young Mistress has not thought to steal any disciples from your Seven Profound Valleys. In fact, our Divine Phoenix Island may be abundant in resources, but our highest cultivation methods are not suited for men to cultivate. Valley Master Shi can accept Lin Ming as an official disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys after the Martial Meeting. Even in the future, if the Seven Profound Valleys cannot provide sufficient resources to Lin Ming, then our Divine Phoenix Island can also provide some help…”

Is there really such a good thing?

Although Mu Qinghong promised to help Lin Ming with additional resources, it felt a little bit overkill even though he may be friends with Mu Qianyu. Mu Qianyu had personally paid attention this this boy, and had even sent Mu Qinghong.

In Shi Zongtian’s opinion, no matter how much of a talent Lin Ming was, he was still a child that hadn’t grown up. Was Mu Qianyu betting on Lin Ming becoming a middle Revolving Core master in the future? Or even a late Revolving Core master?

There were countless genius within the Sky Spill Continent, but the number that could reach the Revolving Core stage were truly few in number. In the 600 years of heritage within the Seven Profound Valleys, only their Elder Ancestor had reached the Revolving Core realm.

“This is the only reason Fairy Maiden Qinghong came today?” Shi Zongtian asked, somewhat doubtful.

“Haha, this was just in passing. There is actually something that I need to discuss with Valley Master Shi.”

After Mu Qinghong said this, her expression turned somewhat serious.

“Please speak, Fairy Maiden Qinghong.”

“This is a very important matter, it will take more than a while to tell you. Let’s wait for this Martial Meeting to finish, and then I’ll speak in further detail.”

Seeing Mu Qinghong’s solemn expression, Shi Zongtian could only agree and not pursue the matter any further. As for what matter Divine Phoenix Island would come look to him for, he had no idea.


After the match between Lin Ming and Jing Chanyu had finished, the gambling house had decided that Lin Ming would win the championship of the 36 country bet ahead of time.

As for the latter matches in the seventh group, they had all lost suspense. Many contestants had completely given up on competing against Lin Ming. Instead, they tried to preserve their strength in order to struggle for the second tier.

Lin Ming won the third round, the fourth round, the fifth round, until the sixth round where he encountered Zi Ling.

Zi Ling was one of the five players that entered into the second group stage with a complete string of victories. Naturally, ZI Ling trusted in her own strength. But she had lost against Jing Chanyu in only two moves, and then Jing Chanyu had lost against Lin Ming in two moves!

The person who had taken a second to defeat her was defeated in a second by Lin Ming. Zi Ling was well aware of the disparity between her and Lin Ming.

But still, Zi Ling didn’t admit defeat. Even though she had a steady position in the second tier, she wasn’t yet willing to admit defeat without putting up a fight, because this went against her heart of martial arts.

After the match started, ZI Ling didn’t bother with hiding herself in diffracted light. She knew that in front of Lin Ming who had an extremely formidable soul force, hiding herself was simply deceiving herself. She took out her sword of light and began to display her ultimate move.

“I’ve placed everything in this strike, 36 Light Blade Extreme Execution!”

Chi chi chi chi!

The 36 blades of light shot out in all directions towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming seemed to take a single step forwards and then suddenly appeared like a phantom in front of Zi Ling, a punch flying out!


Lin Ming only used a mere 1000 vibrating true essence filaments to shatter Zi Ling’s protective true essence. And then he turned his fist into a claw and gently took hold of Zi Ling’s neck.

As expected, the match was finished in a moment.

“Lin Ming, victory!”

As the referee announced the result, Zi Ling let out a light breath, somewhat depressed. When she faced Lin Ming, it was just as if an ordinary person faced a vicious and savage tiger with just bare fists – there was simply no way of resisting.

Therefore Lin Ming won six straight victories; he had guaranteed himself a spot in the first tier.

“He’s too strong. Besides Bi Tinghua, there hasn’t been anyone who could engage Lin Ming in an extended fight. Not only that, but all these fights have been ended in a few moves. When Lin Ming was facing Bi Tinghua, the only reason it took so long was likely because Lin Ming was deliberately hiding his cards.

Although Lin Ming defeating Zi Ling was what everyone expected, the easy and relaxed manner in which he won caused the audience to be full of praise.

“Next, Jing Chanyu against Fang Qi!”

Fang Qi was the default first place contestant in group 7. Group 7 had ten contestants, and each contestant fought in 8 matches. They would only miss a single person. Since Fang Qi was a seeded player, the one who would dodge him would be the other powerhouse of the group.

Since Jing Chanyu lost to Lin Ming, she was to be the opponent of Fang Qi.

Before Fang Qi walked up stage, he didn’t even glance at Jing Chanyu. Instead, he approached Lin Ming with a faint smile tracing his lips.

“As a disciple of the 36 countries, you’re quite good. You even might enter the top 10 rankings. At the next Total Faction Martial Meeting, you might be my match.”

“Oh? The next time?” Lin Ming faintly smiled. These Seven Profound Valley direct disciples were just too confident in themselves, to the point of being needlessly arrogant. Of course, Lin Ming didn’t fault them. They had grown up since children with the halo of genius around them. Not only that, but they were also disciples of the Total Faction. That sense of superiority and entitlement was already deeply ingrained within their bones.

“Yes, during the next Martial Meeting you’ll have the qualifications to make me be serious.” In Fang Qi’s opinion, he had already given Lin Ming a very high evaluation.


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