Chapter 254 - Digging for Talent?

Chapter 254 Digging for Talent?.


Chapter 254 – Digging for Talent?

If Lin Ming had released a supremely formidable martial skill that was able to shatter her defense, she would not have been surprised. But it had only been a punch; it was simply impossible to condense enough energy onto that fist. That casual blow he sent out wasn’t even with a weapon!

Or maybe he had always been a fist fighting martial artist?

The current situation had already gone beyond any of Jing Chanyu’s calculations, she was extremely startled. After Lin Ming broke apart her absolute defense, he grasped towards her jade-like neck!

Jing Chanyu shook as if an earthquake passed through her, and her face turned incomparably white. At such a close range, it was impossible to use any martial skills, but could she use speed to dodge him? Jing Chanyu had never excelled at speed, but even if she did, could she compare to someone like Lin Ming? He was some abnormal freak that had managed to continuously avoid her Halcyon Reflection 1000 Shaded Hands; Jing Chanyu did not believe for a second that she could accomplish something similar.

At this critical juncture, Jing Chanyu formed her hand into a saber, and chopped down at Lin Ming’s wrist.

Although Jing Chanyu seemed like a delicate and gossamer lady, anyone who assumed she would be weak because of her physical charms was...

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