Chapter 253 - Absolute Defense

Chapter 253 Absolute Defense.


Chapter 253 – Absolute Defense

The two strong contestants faced each other as a chilling wind slowly blew across the martial stage, gently touching against Jing Chanyu’s face veil. This face veil had never been lifted by any opponent’s attack or true essence aftermath. This was the symbol of Jing Chanyu’s tranquility, and also the reason that almost everyone had unanimously recognized her as the one would who seize the title of champion amongst the 36 countries.

This young girl had left an unfathomably deep feeling in everyone’s heart!

“You are very strong. Unfortunately, my cultivation method is a bit special. Your techniques will all become null in front of me.” After the match started, Jing Chanyu and Lin Ming didn’t immediately make their move. Instead, they looked at each other as Jing Chanyu slowly spoke.

With her soft words, a hazy and dim halo of light began to condense around her, as if it were a translucent yellow eggshell.

Seeing this eggshell, Lin Ming didn’t have any reaction.

In the audience, Zi Ling let out a heavy breath. When she had been fighting Jing Chanyu, her 36 Light Blade Extreme Execution had been blocked by this dainty looking yellow eggshell.

Zi Ling had confidence in the power of her 36 Light Blade Extreme Execution. However, once it entered...

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