Chapter 252 - Blood Sacrifice Soul Alacrity Law

Chapter 252 Blood Sacrifice Soul Alacrity Law.


Chapter 252 – Blood Sacrifice Soul Alacrity Law

“My Seven Profound Valley’s Soul Alacrity Law definitely has less backlash than yours! We’ll see just who can hold out longer!”

Bi Tinghua was also ready to make any sacrifice necessary; this was a battle he couldn’t afford to lose.

Once his soul was damaged, at worst he would have to spend several months recovering in bed. He could just spend some of his sect points and use his connections to obtain a few bottles of the best soul recovery pills, and he’d be back in no time.

But if he lost this match, not only would he lose all his face, his spirit would be so frustrated that it would negatively affect all of his future cultivation.

Like this, the battle between Lin Ming and Bi Tinghua suddenly became extremely bitter and violent. Lin Ming’s Samsara martial intent was just like the ocean tide that never stopped; Bi Tinghua’s monsters and ghosts, even after being shattered, were endlessly birthed from their remains!

“I defend, you attack, and you consume three times the soul force that I do. Coupled with the side effects from the secret soul skill you are using, I don’t believe that your soul is made of iron! Let’s see how many lives you have to handle this!”

In Bi Tinghua’s opinion, Lin Ming was using some sort of forbidden soul technique, and the side...

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