Chapter 251 - One Willing to Fight, One Willing to Endure

Chapter 251 One Willing to Fight, One Willing to Endure.


Chapter 251 – One Willing to Fight, One Willing to Endure

In the endless illusionary dreamland, the Samsara martial intent rolled out like a tide, frantically swelling as it rushed over Bi Tinghua. Because of that split second of fearful hesitation, a glimmer of a flaw was produced within Bi Tinghua’s mind. Lin Ming seized this opportunity and struck back.


Countless phantoms and images flowed into Bi Tinghua’s mind, the endless lives of 100 Samsaras drowning him like a chaotic whirlpool.

A showdown between soul forces was constantly evolving. A dangerous move, a wrong move, and everything could be lost. Fortunately, Bi Tinghua was much more proficient than Lin Ming in terms of utilizing his soul force. Although that flaw in his mind had placed him in a passive situation of defending, his soul force defensive skills were able to barely hold off the attacks on his spiritual sea.

The battle between the two became increasingly ruthless and savage. Lin Ming was relying on the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder in his spiritual sea to launch an all-out offensive. With the power of thunder to protect his spiritual sea, he was in a nearly impregnable position.

As for Bi Tinghua, he was surrounded by danger on all sides. While Bi Tinghua had the cultivation methods of the Mirage Faction, towards Lin Ming’s Samsara martial intent that he had comprehended in the Sorcerer Holy Land...

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