Chapter 250 - Lin Ming VS Bi Tinghua

Chapter 250 Lin Ming VS Bi Tinghua.


Chapter 250 – Lin Ming VS Bi Tinghua

The match of Lin Ming against Bi Tinghua was considered a fight between two heavyweights. It also meant that there would be one less contestant with an undefeated string of complete victories.

This match had aroused a tremendous interest amongst almost everyone. This wasn’t just because Lin Ming was strong, but also because this match was directly related to who the strongest amongst the disciples from the 36 countries was.

After Jing Chanyu defeated Zi Ling, she had seized the number one position among the disciples of the 36 countries, and was currently the one with the best betting odds to win at a rate of 1:1.1. As for her big brother Jing Chanshi, his odds of becoming the 36 countries champion was 1:1.3.

This had caused those that didn’t bet on the Jingchan Duo to feel great regret, but those that did were all smiles.

It was almost impossible to make any money on a 1:1.1 compensation rate. Still, even if they couldn’t, many people still happily bet on Jing Chanyu.

As for Lin Ming, his odds rose back to 1:6. Although he was the third highest possible candidate to win the 36 countries championship, his odds of winning were still far compared to the Jingchan Duo.

This match between Lin Ming and Bi Tinghua was very important. It would determine, to a great extent, just who the...

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