Chapter 249 - Jingchan Duo

Chapter 249 Jingchan Duo.


Chapter 249 – Jingchan Duo

Lin Ming turned around to see that the speaker was actually Jiang Lanjian. Although Lin Ming didn’t really know him, he could tell that Jiang Lanjian was someone with a very broad and accurate sense of judgement; he wouldn’t easily label someone as a ‘talent’.

Lin Ming laughed and smiled as he spoke, “Interesting. If the first group stage was a husband and wife fighting, then this second stage is truly a gathering of masters!”

Jiang Lanjian looked at Lin Ming in surprise and replied, “Your group is quite strong, but it seems that you’re confident in yourself.”

In the seventh group, there was Fang Qi, Bi Tinghua, Jing Chanyu, and Zi Ling. With Lin Ming, that was five altogether. These five people were competing for three spots. However, Fang Qi’s place could already be considered as guaranteed. Jiang Lanjian thought that Lin Ming would be extremely solemn facing these experts, but he hadn’t expected Lin Ming to be merrily laughing. Either Lin Ming had entirely given up on entering the first tier, or he had extreme confidence in his own power. As for Jiang Lanjian, he thought that Lin Ming was part of the latter.

“Who do you think will win, Jing Chanyu or Zi Ling?” Lin Ming asked Jiang Lanjian.

Jiang Lanjian shook his head. “They still haven’t revealed their true strength. Not only...

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