Chapter 247 – Out of the Group Stages and Into the Top 100!

Chapter 247 – Out of the Group Stages and Into the Top 100!

It was true that Lin Ming was strong. However, the several direct disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys were simply too terrifying. They were all at the peak of Pulse Condensation – an entire realm of cultivation higher than Lin Ming. Not only that, but they were also talents that were able to jump ranks in combat; they were stronger than an ordinary middle Houtian realm master.

No matter how fierce Lin Ming was, it was simply impossible for him to cross almost two realms in order to fight with a middle Houtian realm master. If it was possible, then it would perturb the entire Seven Profound Valleys.

Qin Xingxuan said, “There were 20 candidates that were selected as possible champions. These are almost all of the Seven Profound Valley core disciples, as well as the most popular seeded participants in the 10 groups. Jiang Lanjian is also a choice, and his compensation rate is 1:20. There is also someone from a martial cultivation family who has been selected, Zhang Yanzhao, and his compensation rate is 1:35.

Zhang Yanzhao?

Lin Ming felt that this name was someone familiar. He thought back and recalled that during the ruckus in Desert Flower Hall, one of Ouyang Ziyun’s minions had mentioned this name. Zhang Yanzhao from the Zhang Family had managed to reach the top 20 in the last Total Faction Martial Meeting! But, compared to the top 10 ranking...

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