Chapter 246 - Hope

Chapter 246 Hope.


Chapter 246 – Hope

“Instructor, what sort of news is worth 36 true essence stones to send? Is it a combat report from the frontline battlefield?” The youth who asked came from a military family. In his opinion, only a combat report of Sky Fortune Kingdom was worth spending 36 true essence stones on. After all, victory or defeat in war was related to the destiny of a nation.”

The middle-aged instructor shook his head and said, “A frontline combat report wouldn’t use a sound transmission array. Our Seven Profound Martial House isn’t a messenger for Sky Fortune Kingdom.”

A sound transmission array formation that could pass a message through several hundred thousand miles wasn’t something that could simply be created on a whim. Not even Sky Fortune Kingdom’s Imperial Palace could hope to ever construct something like this.

“Then what sort of news is being sent?” The young boys and girls eyes were filled with curiosity. They were at the age where they were intensely inquisitive into all things.

“This transmission array will send a victory report from the Total Faction Martial Meeting. It will be sent tonight,” The middle-aged instructor replied.

“Mm….Total Faction Martial Meeting?” Most disciples face were filled with befuddlement; none of them knew what that was. After all, the common person was rarely exposed to such a high-level...

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