Chapter 245 - A Second to Defeat Wang Mu

Chapter 245 A Second to Defeat Wang Mu.

Chapter 245 – A Second to Defeat Wang Mu

Soul force attacks had especially wonderful results if they were used on an opponent that wasn’t aware of the situation. Under the circumstances where the difference in strength and cultivation wasn’t too great, one could instantly defeat the other in a single second. But, if one had made early preparations and was aware of the incoming soul attack, then the situation would be different.

However, normal martial artists would never practice this sort of martial skill simply because martial artists that used their soul force to launch an attack were too rare. Only when a martial artist has reached the Xiantian realm and began to cultivate their soul and similar techniques would such attacks surface. Before the Xiantian realm, martial artists usually only cultivated their true essence and physical body.

“Hmm, this is a bit interesting. It seems that Wang Mu already has a martial skill prepared to deal with soul force attacks. How will Lin Ming handle this situation?”

“I don’t think that Lin Ming has many other attack methods. Looking at him, he only appears to be 16 or 17 years old. Soul force attacks are too difficult to learn and master. Just cultivating one is enough to occupy all his time; where would he find the energy to study anything else?”

“I hear that Lin Ming was also able to control thunder. I wonder what grade his lightning...

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