Chapter 244 - Standing Out as an Amazing Talent

Chapter 244 Standing Out as an Amazing Talent.


Chapter 244 – Standing Out as an Amazing Talent


“I see, so that’s the soul force genius that caused an uproar recently,” in the contestant waiting area, a youth with half a silver mask on was sipping a cup of tea, leisurely observing the arena. Watching his demeanor, it was evident that he never placed this group stage in his heart. The mask he wore was very strange, it only covered the right half of his face. But from what was exposed, one could see that he was a handsome man with a feminine and delicate atmosphere.

This masked man did have the qualifications to be proud, his cultivation had reached the late Pulse Condensation period, and he was also a core disciple of the Seven Profound Valley’s Mirage Faction. He was also one of the seeded contestants in the sixth group.

There was an gigantic difference in strength between the core disciples and ordinary disciples of the Seven profound Valleys. A core disciple had outstanding talent, but also had much more resources. Because of this, their strength was usually several times more than an ordinary disciple.

“Oh? Is Big Brother interested in this boy?” A youth beside the masked man asked. The youth was carrying a teapot with an extremely attentive look, ready to refill the tea cup whenever needed.

“He’s not worth me being interested...

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