Chapter 243 - Fairy Maiden Qinghong

Chapter 243 Fairy Maiden Qinghong.


Chapter 243 – Fairy Maiden Qinghong

“What was I thinking… ? How could she possibly… ” Lin Ming shook his head, laughing at his own thoughts.

Mu Qianyu was the top-tier fourth-grade sect Divine Phoenix Island’s Saintess among Saintess’. In the future, she would become the Sect Master, a fairy maiden that came to Earth who would be respected and admired by countless people. As for him, who hadn’t even truly broken through to the Pulse Condensation period, the difference between them was greater than the clouds and mud. Mu Qianyu would probably only think of him if she were bored in her spare time, how could she possibly come to the Seven Profound Valleys and watch such boring matches… ?

In Lin Ming’s opinion, a Saintess was probably a figure that would become the successor to the Sect Master, with an extremely honored status. But in fact, he had underestimated her. A Saintess of Divine Phoenix Island was even rarer than a Divine Phoenix Island Sect Master.

Divine Phoenix Island changed Sect Masters every 100 years. Afterwards, they would retire and become an Elder Ancestor. But, a Saintess was rarely seen every 500 years, and not every sect had a Saintess.

The main branch of Divine Phoenix Island was the ancient phoenix family, the Mu Family. The Saintess could only come from the Mu Family. The Mu Family had excessive Yin energy and a lack of...

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