Chapter 241 - A Gathering of Heroes

Chapter 241 – A Gathering of Heroes

Lin Ming quickly flew to the middle of the jade steps. At this time, he heard a cold voice sound out from behind him. “Boy, you have a little skill, it seems I underestimated you.”

Lin Ming turned around to see Huoluo Nation’s Wang Mu following him from behind, not too far away. He looked quite relaxed. Apparently, he hadn’t used much effort.

“Thank you. You’re not that bad yourself.” Lin Ming casually said.

Hearing Lin Ming’s casual tone, Wang Mu coldly snorted and said, “Let’s see just how long you’ll be so arrogant for.”

As one neared the middle of the jade steps, the number of martial artists increased. There were some martial artists pacing back and forth here, their advance extremely slow.

Although Lin Ming thought that there was something unusual about this, he didn’t slow down. He headed towards the gate with the same speed as before.

‘Come on, you’re going up so fast, I want to see when you’re beaten.’ Wang Mu cursed in his heart. There was a small trap in the middle of the jade steps. If one wasn’t careful, it would be easy to suffer a shameful loss. Although this wasn’t enough to defeat someone with Lin Ming’s strength, this failure was enough to make him feel much better about himself.

The surrounding martial artists also saw Lin Ming rushing straight up towards the middle of the jade steps and harbored schadenfreude...

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