Chapter 240 - Mountain Gate Trial

Chapter 240 Mountain Gate Trial.


Chapter 240 – Mountain Gate Trial

‘So they had this idea all along; it seems they’ve taken a fancy towards my Huoluo Nation’s Seraphic Pond?’ Martial House Master Luo wasn’t stupid. He knew that there was something strange with the way Qin Ziya was speaking a moment ago, it turned out he was trying to deliberately provoke him.

It seemed that they really had confidence in their Lin Ming. Perhaps that little boy really might be able to jump over a realm and fight a middle Pulse Condensation period martial artist. But, Wang Mu wasn’t an ordinary middle Pulse Condensation period martial artist. His combat prowess was able to compare to the late Pulse Condensation period. If this was their wishful thinking, their carefully laid plans had all gone wrong.

Martial House Master Luo narrowed his eyes as he began to size up Lin Ming. He was wondering whether or not this young boy in front of him would be able to deal with a late Pulse Condensation period martial artist. However, it was only a very low probability. The difference between the Bone Forging stage and the Pulse Condensation period was simply too big. For a normal talent, even jumping over half a realm was considered incredible. But to jump over an entire realm was extremely rare – even within the Seven Profound Valleys Total Faction.

Since the chances of winning were greater...

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