Chapter 238 - Jiang Lanjian

Chapter 238 Jiang Lanjian.


Chapter 238 – Jiang Lanjian

“That kid may be considered invincible underneath the Pulse Condensation period, but once he meets a true Pulse Condensation talent, anything he does will be useless.” The black-clothed martial artist casually said. His name was Jiang Lanjian, and he was a direct descendent of the Sword Faction Founder Jiang Yu. In addition, he was also the second genius direct disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys’ Sword Faction, just underneath Jiang Baoyun.

Jiang Lanjian’s cultivation was already at the peak Pulse Condensation period. With such strength, he was considered among the best disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys.

“My sword wind has already reached the higher echelons; there is nothing that I cannot cut to nihility. Whether it is obsession, life, heart demons, which also includes soul attacks, or even the power of thunder, there is nothing my sword cannot pierce. Even if that boy was at the same cultivation level as me, he still wouldn’t be my match!

“After all, soul attacks simply aren’t the correct path. At first you will have wonderful results and your strength will rapidly grow, but once you reach a higher realm, they simply become weak. If you put in too much effort, it will instead be a limiter placed on your future strength and potential.”

Jiang Lanjian calmly commented as he quietly...

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