Chapter 237 - Soul Force Genius

Chapter 237 Soul Force Genius.


Chapter 237 – Soul Force Genius

Lin Ming stood in front of Qin Xingxuan, then slowly placed down the bowl in his hand. “I just heard a moment ago that you want to sweep away the 36 countries. I’m looking forward to that very much. Since I’m standing right here, why don’t you try sweeping me away.”

“Haha, this silly boy actually thinks he’s something. Brothers, let’s fulfill his wish and sweep away this stupid boy just like garbage.” The one speaking was a black-clothed martial artist. He didn’t think he could win by himself, but with everyone together, he didn’t believe that they wouldn’t be able to handle such a kid.

With the shout from the black-clothed man, the four men rushed out together. Lin Ming stood still where he was. Not only did he not dodge, but he had even closed his eyes.

The black-clothed martial artist didn’t know just what Lin Ming was trying to do, but seeing his sword about to fall onto Lin Ming’s face, the corners of his lips curved up in a devilish smirk. ‘Today I will make you suffer!’

As their attacks were about to come down, Lin Ming suddenly opened his eyes, his vision sweeping out.

The black vortex bloomed like a beautiful obsidian lotus, devouring everything in its wake. The Samsara martial intent erupted outwards, and at this time, countless illusions poured into the four martial artists’ minds. Their bodies instantly shook, as monstrously turbulent waves shook their spiritual sea, their consciousness becoming a complete mess. Their hands no longer moved. Instead, the martial artists’ eyes became glazed over with a dark glimmering light, their pupils losing focus.

Plop plop plop plop!

The four martial artists fell to the ground like a bunch of dead dogs, foaming at the mouth. Their bodies were trembling as if they had an epileptic seizure.

Ouyang Ziyun was looking at them confusedly. They had all been taken down with a single glance? What had he done?

Ouyang Ziyun subconsciously tightened the grip on his sword as he looked at Lin Ming with a slight tinge of fear creeping into his eyes.

Those in the hall who had been enjoying the fight also instantly noticed Lin Ming. Just where had this boy come from? Although those four martial artists’ strength weren’t that much, they were still peak Bone Forging martial artists; why did they inexplicably all fall to the ground?

“Things have gotten a bit interesting.” A youth with an early Pulse Condensation cultivation commented as he leisurely sipped his wine. His eyes were filled with curiosity as he looked at Lin Ming. It was simply inconceivable for someone with this strength to come from the 36 countries.

Against these four martial artists, Lin Ming had already stayed his hand. He certainly couldn’t turn them into idiots. But this was also good enough. Their spirituals seas had been injured and they would take at least a few weeks – if not a month – to recover.

Ouyang Ziyun’s complexion was very ugly, as if he had just kicked an iron door. But, he couldn’t back down. There were many people watching him in the Desert Flower Hall, who knew how many of them were disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys? If he chickened out today, then these people would definitely publicize how he was like a turtle once they returned to their respective factions. In the Seven Factions, every disciple competed against each other. The Acacia Faction tacitly allowed its disciples to act in a domineering and arrogant manner wherever they went. So if one were to be a coward, that would truly be a great disgrace.

Ouyang Ziyun braced himself and said, “Boy, don’t play such petty tricks in front of me! What you used just now was a soul attack? If you were skilled in this method of attack and the difference in strength isn’t too great, then you could instantly dispatch someone, But, if you run into someone stronger than yourself, then your ability is worth nothing. In fact, your powers will only backfire on yourself. None of this represents how strong you are.”

After all, Ouyang Ziyun originated from a large sect, and he had a respectable amount of knowledge. In just a few words he was able to luckily guess about Lin Ming’s Samsara martial intent, however, the Samsara martial intent’s effects were much more formidable than Ouyang Ziyun had imagined, it was only that Lin Ming hadn’t yet been able to fully develop them.

“If you can take my strike, then I sincerely admit defeat.”

As Ouyang Ziyun said this, his entire body ignited with a queer purple fire that burned all around him. What was strange about this was not that the fire wasn’t hot, but that it caused a bone chilling breeze to blow through the room. After this cold wind touched the table and floor behind him, a layer of purple ice congealed over them. After a period of time, the furniture that was wrapped in this purple ice turned into ashes, as if the ice had a hot fire wrapped within.

This was the technique that Ouyang Ziyun had comprehended after reaching the fourth layer of the ‘Divine Acacia Power’ – Purple Flame Bone Lance. To use it required an extreme consumption of true essence. He had originally planned to use it as his final move within the Total Faction Martial Meeting, but at this moment, he had no choice but to bring it out.

Lin Ming stood still and crossed his arms against his backs. Against someone like Ouyang Ziyun, there was no point in making a move.

In a few breaths of time, the brilliantly shining purple flames began to condense into a purple lance within Ouyang Ziyun’s right hand. The sounds of crying ghosts began to emanate outwards from the lance.

Ouyang Ziyun’s face became incomparably pale and wan. All of the skills within the ‘Divine Acacia Power’ were the extreme Yin and extreme cold. Using any move required a massive consumption of essence and blood, which was why they would take a woman’s Yin energy in order to recover their own.

For Ouyang Ziyun to produce this purple bone lance was already his limit. He was just like a skinny old man who was trying to wield a heavy several-dozen jin sledgehammer; he was barely able to control it.

“Die!” Ouyang Ziyun barely managed to spit out this word. The endless purple flames on the purple bone lance in his hand were wavering; it would be very difficult to throw it at this time.

Lin Ming shook his head and said, “Are you done yet? I’ve been waiting for you so long that my food is getting cold. Do you think you could actually kill someone using a move like this? You would already have long been done in by your enemy.”

“You…!” Ouyang Ziyun was provoked by Lin Ming’s mocking words and almost lost control of the bone spear within his hand. This move wasn’t ready to use in actual combat yet, because Ouyang Ziyun had just broken through to the fourth layer of the ‘Divine Acacia Power’, and it was difficult for him to control the Purple Flame Bone Lance. If an old man used a sledgehammer to fight his enemy, it would take him a while to pick it up. Not only that, but he would most likely miss, and if things went badly, he might even twist his waist and smash his own foot.

The reason that Ouyang Ziyun used this move against Lin Ming was because he was depending on Lin Ming’s conceited attitude to directly take his move. Like this, he would have a chance against Lin Ming.

“You… don’t dare to take my move!?” Ouyang Ziyun tried to goad Lin Ming, barely managing to squeeze these words through his clenched teeth. His face was becoming increasingly pale, and even speaking was becoming difficult.

Lin Ming laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke. “Why would I want to take your move?”

Lin Ming’s voice had just fallen when a black light flashed in his eyes. A shadowy vortex appeared in his eyes, silently enveloping Ouyang Ziyun and swallowing him whole.


Ouyang Ziyun felt as if an explosion instantly occurred within his head. Countless images and phantoms sunk into his spiritual sea. He had already been approaching the limit of his strength, so he didn’t even have the strength to resist. His body didn’t tremble, he only directly collapsed to the floor. But, the Purple Flame Bone Lance in his hand had lost Ouyang Ziyun’s soul force control, and dissipated.

The bone lance turned into a cloud of chilling purple fire that scattered in all directions.

If these chilling flames shot out, they would be able to wipe out the entire restaurant. As for Ouyang Ziyun who had lost consciousness, he would meet with a great disaster.

But at this moment, a black-clothed man flew down from the second floor and waved his hand. A powerful whirlwind appeared in the air and sucked all the purple flames into his hand, condensing into a dark purple orb. The black-clothed man casually flung his hand and the dark purple orb shot out of like an arrow, shattered the window, and continued flying into the horizon before it finally disappeared out of everyone’s vision.

Lin Ming had already discovered this black-clothed man at this start of the conflict when he had appeared on the second floor. Lin Ming guessed he was a master that worked for the Desert Flower Hall. This restaurant was so big and was located in such a sensitive location, how could it not have a master here sitting guard?

The audience hadn’t even expected such a result. They had been waiting to see how Lin Ming would deal with the Purple Flame Bone Lance; no one knew he had discovered the black-clothed man. Once Ouyang Ziyun had lost control of the bone lance, if it wasn’t for the black-clothed man saving the day, Ouyang Ziyun would have been burned black by his own purple flames.

The black-clothed man furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at Lin Ming. This man’s cultivation was at the peak Houtian realm, he wasn’t much worse that Qin Ziya.

“Boy, you are quite cruel. If I hadn’t taken action in time, then you would never have left Desert Flower Hall today.

Lin Ming apologetically smiled and said, “Senior had long since been ready to take action. There was no way Senior would let an important disciple of the Acacia Faction die in Desert Flower Hall, otherwise Desert Flower Hall’s troubles would be no less than mine.”

The black-clothed man stiffened, unable to think of anything that could refute Lin Ming’s claim. He only coldly grunted to express his dissatisfaction. This young boy was simply mad – how could he be certain that he would take action? He didn’t believe that Lin Ming knew he would come out once the purple flames began to overflow in order to salvage the situation.

“If this kid can find me, he has some ability. His soul force must be incomparably powerful. He might be born with a superior fifth-grade soul talent, or even an inferior sixth-grade.” The black-clothed man’s cultivation was at the peak Houtian realm. Although he hadn’t reached the realm of returning to his origin, he still knew some ways to hide himself. He had been restraining his breath a moment ago in order to not be discovered by Lin Ming.

That black-clothed man sent a long look towards Lin Ming before turning to leave.

At this time, the companions of Ouyang Ziyun had already begun to wake up. They saw Ouyang Ziyun lying like a dead dog on the floor, and they shrunk back. Suppressing their headaches, they picked up Ouyang Ziyun and hastily left, not daring to look Lin Ming in the eyes.

The surrounding martial artists had all turned their gazes on Lin Ming, their expressions differing.

“A martial artist who is skilled in soul force is quite rare. I never thought that the 36 countries could produce one with passable talent.”

The martial artist who spoke was at the Pulse Condensation period and had some pride in his knowledge. The soul attack that was used on Ouyang Ziyun could instantly take out a lesser opponent, but against someone with surpassing strength, rashly using an ability like that would only cause a backlash.

“Don’t look down on him. He was able to bring down four peak Bone Forging martial artists at the same time. The power of his soul force is simply amazing, he might have a sixth-grade soul talent. I think that even an early Pulse Condensation martial artist might not be his match.”

“Mm. But like this, the most he can reach is the top 150 rankings. And before that, they are mostly early Pulse Condensation period martial artists, and they are also talented martial artists whose strength surpasses their cultivation.”

The martial artists at Desert Flower Hall were discussing this situation with true essence sound transmission. Some of them had already begun jotting down Lin Ming’s appearance and preparing to notify their family or sect.

At this time, in a private room on the second floor of Desert Flower Hall, a black-clothed man was calmly drinking a cup of wine. There was no expression on his face, as if the fierce commotion that occurred downstairs a moment ago was completely separate from him.

“This boy is a bit interesting.”

In front of the black-clothed man was a purple-clothed man, whose cultivation was at the middle Pulse Condensation period. He carried a four foot long sword on his back. There were many swordsmen who even if they had a spatial ring, would prefer to carry their sword on their back in order to increase the connection between themselves and their swords.


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