Chapter 236 - Youthful Instincts

Chapter 236 Youthful Instincts.

Chapter 236 – Youthful Instincts


“Humph! How overconfident. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!” Ouyang Ziyun flipped his wrist and a three foot long purple-red sword appeared in his hands. This was a high-grade human-step treasure.

True essence flooded the blade, and the purple-red sword began to turn the color of bleached bone. Ouyang Ziyun’s sword cut out, and noise of crying ghosts sounded out as his blade met Long Yun’s spear.


As spear and sword crossed, a wave of true essence raged out, directly tossing aside several tables. Long Yun shuddered; he had felt a Yin cold drill into his body like a poisonous serpent. His right hand that held his spear instantly lost all feeling, as if it wasn’t his own.

Long Yun took a few steps, his face pale. Ouyang Ziyun was still quietly sitting there – not even the table behind him had been impacted in the least.

“Big Brother.”

“Senior-apprentice Brother.”

The two young men and the girl behind Long Yun hurried over to support him. However, as soon as they touched Long Yun, they instantly felt a chilling cold and were frightened.

Lin Ming had been watching everything from the side. What Ouyang Ziyun had used was the Life Severing Dead Bone Blade. He had personally experienced this technique from the hands of Zhang...

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