Chapter 235 - Conflict

Chapter 235 Conflict.


Chapter 235 – Conflict

Lin Ming finished the keel soup and licked his lips. He said, “This is the heritage of a large sect. An ordinary martial artist can’t even think about things like this, much less eat it. When I went out adventuring, I ran into a senior. Every day, she would eat the rarest spirit fruits, and what she drank was the dew of a spring morning. She truly didn’t eat the smoke and fire of the mortal world and contaminate her body with the Houtian air.”

Qin Xingxuan scooped another bowl of soup for Lin Ming and asked, “If these delicacies were eaten every day, wouldn’t it be several dozens of true essence stones spent every day as well?”

Lin Ming said, “That’s right, but how many true essence stones do you think our Sky Fortune Kingdom’s true essence mines produce every year? 99% of that is sent to the Seven Profound Valleys. Besides us, there are also 35 countries whose resources, such as medicinal herbs, materials, precious ores, and other things, are shipped here every day. The direct disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys probably enjoy over a thousand true essence stones every month. Even if they eat food like this every day, it probably isn’t anything to them. They might even eat foods better than this.”

“The difference is just too big!” Qin Xingxuan sighed. In Sky Fortune Kingdom, she lived in the upper echelons...

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