Chapter 231 - Divine Punishment Blade

Chapter 231 Divine Punishment Blade.


Chapter 231 – Divine Punishment Blade

When Qin Ziya saw this scene, his expression immediately changed, “Ling Sen’s Slaughter Domain was broken by Lin Ming!”

In the illusion realm, time flowed at a different speed. In the moment when Lin Ming had ceased physical movement, a fierce battle against Ling Sen had already taken place within the Slaughter Domain. The result was obvious; Ling Sen had been defeated, and Lin Ming had emerged victorious.

“How could this happen…..Ling Sen’s Slaughter Domain is dependent upon his Ashura martial intent as well as the murderous aura he had accumulated over the years in order to create his own unique ability. Although this makes it easy to develop a demon in the heart, in terms of striking power, it should be very strong. Ling Sen’s Ashura martial intent is, by itself, savage and brutal; it only helps cultivate one’s attack power. As for Lin Ming’s ethereal martial intent, that relies on placing one’s mind into an empty unconscious state; it is a type of supplementary cultivating martial intent. How could the result be that Ling Sen loses?”

Although Sun Youdao’s cultivation wasn’t too high, he had a deep and broad range of experience. In just a few words he had pointed out the characteristics between Ling Sen and Lin Ming’s martial intent.

Qin Ziya pondered out loud, “I had also thought that his ethereal martial intent...

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