Chapter 230 - Martial Intent Showdown

Chapter 230 Martial Intent Showdown.


Chapter 230 – Martial Intent Showdown

“I too have long been awaiting this showdown. Ever since you defeated Zhang Cang, I thought I would have to wait several years, but I never imagined this fated day would arrive so soon!”

The first time Ling Sen had begun to pay attention to Lin Ming was when he saw Lin Ming’s duel against Zhang Cang. He had arrived at the scene together with Ta Ku, causing no small stir.

Lin Ming had only entered the Seven Profound Martial House for a trivial month, and yet he was able to defeat the Earth Hall master, Zhang Cang. At that time, Ling Sen had a premonition that he would eventually face Lin Ming one day. To him, this was already a very high evaluation of Lin Ming’s skills. But now looking back, it seemed that he had underestimated Lin Ming by far.

For a quarter of an hour, Lin Ming sat down in meditation, adjusting his condition to the peak even though he hadn’t consumed any of his strength.

With his thoughts completely relaxed, he entered into the ethereal state, waiting for this anticipated match.

The audience was already fidgeting with expectation. This long-awaited battle was a matchup between the fiercest top two young talents of Sky Fortune Kingdom!

This was a rarely seen once in a lifetime grand event. As far as a martial artist was concerned, what could possibly be more exciting?


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