Chapter 228 - Fighting Ta Ku

Chapter 228 Fighting Ta Ku.


Chapter 228 – Fighting Ta Ku

*Feet measurement is a bit shorter in this world. 7 Feet = 6 Feet. 9 Feet = 7.5 Feet

“The second round of the competition will immediately commence. Do you two need any time to rest?” The referee Elder symbolically asked Lin Ming and Ling Sen. In truth, his opinion was that neither of them had wasted any effort at all; the two of them most likely didn’t need to recuperate.

Sure enough, Ling Sen and Lin Ming simultaneously shook their heads.

“Mm. Then let’s begin the second round.” The referee Elder took out the drawing box again. This time, the drawing box only held two plates. One was to fight, the other was a bye. Ta Ku had already drawn a bye, so this time it was up to Ling Sen and Lin Ming to draw lots.

At this time, Ta Ku spoke up, “There’s no need to draw anything. There’s only three people left, and I can defeat neither of them. But, I still want to have a match against Lin Ming. This has already been scheduled far in advance,” Ta Ku said as he looked at Lin Ming. “How about it Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, let’s have a little match on stage, is that cool with you?” You still have defeat me if you want the Blue Miracle Pill!”

Lin Ming laughed and agreed, “Why not?”

“What great fun, now we’re talking! Come on!” Ta Ku said as he jumped up onto the martial stage. He also took out his own eight foot staff. The...

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