MW Chapter 2255

Chapter 2255 – Epilogue (2)

Today was the day when the Human Sovereign of the 33 Heavens would give a lecture about the Dao.

There were no set times for these lectures. Sometimes they would occur two or three times every hundred years, and sometimes they would occur every several hundred years.

Each time these lectures occurred, it would be a grand occasion for the entire 33 Heavens!

When the day arrived, throughout the 33 Heavens, great masters would arrive from all the various True Divinity sects and Empyreans sects, converging upon the Human Sovereign World.

Generally speaking, during True Divinity longevity feasts and large-scale ceremonies of True Divinity influences, these types of events would draw many True Divinity sects to gather and celebrate.

But during these types of events, even though many influences came to pay their respects, they would at most send messengers.

But when Lin Ming was about to lecture about the Dao, those that arrived would be the true rulers...

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