MW Chapter 2254

Chapter 2254 – Epilogue (1)

In the 33 Heavens, at the intersection point between the Divine Realm and Saint Convocation Heavens, there existed a newly established great world.

This world had a history of a mere 200,000 years so far and was called the Human Sovereign World.

It was a world created by the Human Sovereign Lin Ming. It was made using his total lifetime of studies, his Laws of heaven and man, as well as the infinite essence energy gathered from the 33 Heavens and Dark Abyss.

This world was even broader than the Asura Road of the past. It was a holy land which every genius of the 33 Heavens yearned to visit!

In the Human Sovereign World there were many precious cultivating training areas as well as many popular trial lands that people chased after in packs. When Lin Ming established the system of rules in this world, he included the wonderful mysteries of the Asura Road as well as the spiritual spaces of the Akashic Dream Universe.

Many geniuses...

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