MW Chapter 2253

Chapter 2253 – The End

The skies above the Dark Abyss had already completely darkened. The stars and moon were all swallowed up by the inky darkness and if one reached out their hand they couldn’t even see their five fingers. The riotous heaven and earth origin energy became increasingly fierce, as if the entire Dark Abyss would collapse in on itself!

The Demon God’s Tomb was the foundation of the Dark Abyss. With the Demon God’s Tomb pierced through by Lin Ming, the foundations of the Dark Abyss itself were shaken!

Lin Ming grasped the spear in his hands and started to gather his strength. In front of him, the old and withered Demon God fiendishly grinned. Suddenly his bent body began to shrink down; his dried up flesh started to rot and decay, rapidly turning into a pool of slimy flesh and blood.


A massive amount of world strength descended from above, all of it pouring into this decayed flesh and blood!

The Demon God’s Tomb had been sundered and the strength it had accumulated for over 100 billion years dissipated with it. But, this strength could be used by the Demon God.

Wu wu wu –

In this frenzied storm of energy, the pained howls of countless abyssal souls rang out. There were even living abyssals that were sucked into this storm. They all exploded within, turning into a bloody...

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