MW Chapter 2252

Chapter 2252 – The Memories of a Lifetime



The Demon God’s Tomb continued to collapse upon itself, disintegrating!

At this time the Demon God was like a wild beast. His hair spread down his head like withered grass and his thin hands had turned into grisly claws. A faint trace of blood red light shimmered in his filthy eyes.

He needed to swallow Lin Ming now, otherwise he would slowly weaken due to the collapse of the Demon God’s Tomb, eventually becoming a lamp that lost all oil!

“Sheng Mei! Where is she?”

Lin Ming coldly asked. 10,000 years ago his spiritual connection with Sheng Mei had been severed and he had no idea what had happened to her.

At that time, Lin Ming had been unable to leave the Asura Road nor was he able to help rescue her. His strength was far from being enough – if he were to meet the Soul Emperor then it would...

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