MW Chapter 2251

Chapter 2251 – Your Era Has Been Ended

At this moment, Lin Ming could feel his body filled with endless strength. The World Destruction Spear in his hands could be called a weapon, but in truth it was no different from a part of his body. It was as close to him as his flesh and blood, and whether it was his aura, divine soul, inner world, life wave fluctuations, spirit mark, everything that made him was cast as one with this spear, completely inalienable!

With a thought, Lin Ming’s body directly integrated into the World Destruction Spear.

Lin Ming vanished; man and spear had become one!

Rumble rumble rumble!

At the point of the World Destruction Spear, thunder and flame wildly gushed out. Endless fog appeared in the void and a black hole-like space channel appeared in front of the World Destruction Spear.

Storms howled through the void. The World Destruction...

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