MW Chapter 2250

Chapter 2250 – World Destruction Spear

When it came to Evil being killed by Lin Ming, the truth was that the abyssals weren’t shocked. Before the attack began they had already planned for the worst case scenario.

If Evil couldn’t severely wound Lin Ming by self-explosion and simply died, then that wouldn’t be strange. Evil could be pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear or even overwhelmed with an even greater amount of energy. There were all sorts of possibilities for how Lin Ming could defeat Evil.

But, they never thought that the massive, planet-sized Evil would actually be pinched to death by Lin Ming no differently from a frog!

Just what kind of abnormal strength was this!?

Now it seemed that Lin Ming had likely completed his seclusion.

In other words, he had stepped into the realm Beyond Divinity!

When one’s strength reached the peak of True Divinity and when one’s Laws simultaneously reached perfection, then one would be able to step into this boundary. This was the same boundary that the Asura Road Master, Immortal Sovereign, and Demon God stood upon!

“What do we do?” The higher abyssals turned to the four demon kings, all of them panicked as they searched for help. But, the four demon kings were also left at a...

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