MW Chapter 2247

Chapter 2247 – Reckless

“Preserve their lives?”

Ink and Clear looked at Xiao Moxian and sighed. “I fear that is too difficult. The great array sucks in one’s source of life… if it is all drawn away then a person will die. Even if a little bit of their life source is left over, they will slowly fade away because too much has been taken.”

“If several more people come, that only means there will be several more victims. And if more people sacrifice themselves then just who will fight in the following battles?”

Ink and Clear would work together to summon the ancient overlords that lived 10 billion years ago. But, even if their summoning was successful, they wouldn’t be able to kill off all the abyssals. In the battles to follow, they still needed everyone to work together and it wouldn’t be an easy task at a...

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