MW Chapter 2246

Chapter 2246 – Jade-like Gentleman

“Senior Diwuhen…”

As Diwuhen volunteered himself, many of those on the side of the primal god race couldn’t bear to lose him.

Diwuhen was their Patriarch. 20,000 years ago, the primal god race had been invaded by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the old Patriarch had died in battle. Afterwards, Diwuhen had been left in charge of managing all matters concerning the primal god race, becoming the new Patriarch.

He had silently held this position for 20,000 years. In the face of his race’s extinction, as they stood upon the raging winds and waves, there was no joy and beauty in the position of Patriarch. Rather, to carry this title meant heavy responsibility and immense pressure.

Ink and Clear looked at Diwuhen and sighed inwardly. The Asura Road Master had been of the primal god race in the past, and yet that incomparably powerful primal god race had fallen to such a degree.

“Good… then, we still require one more person…”

As Clear swept his eyes over the other True Divinities, a white-clothed youth quietly stood up. “Then it should be me…”

This calm...

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