MW Chapter 2245B

Chapter 2245B– Silent Protection

“Yin Yang Despair Valley, Forsaken Mortal Tomb…”

Clear and Ink slowly glanced at each other.

Most of the 33 Heavens martial artists had never heard of ‘Yin Yang Despair Valley, Forsaken Mortal Tomb’, so they didn’t know what Clear and Ink were speaking about.

But, Xiao Moxian actually felt her heart shake.

“That place…”

The others didn’t know about Yin Yang Despair Valley and the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, but Xiao Moxian was someone who had personally gone there.

In the past during Lin Ming’s first venture into the Asura Road, he was still at the Divine Lord realm. He accidently encountered Xiao Moxian in the Great Desolate and the two of them experienced dangers and tribulations before finally uniting together in Tragic Death Valley.

After they killed Tian Mingzi they went to the inner Asura Road. At the Asura Road’s Divine Rune City, Lin Ming attended its great auction and with the massive amount of wealth he accumulated, he purchased the jade dragon’s horn, heaven devouring snake gallbladder, dragon saliva grass, and other such precious materials.

And, these materials were all needed to refine a pill, one called the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill. This was a pill recorded in the Celestial Tyrant Manual and used to open the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace.

But at the time, the link between humanity and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had been...

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