MW Chapter 2245A

Chapter 2245A – Explosion

The battle reached an unprecedented state of brutality. When the martial artists of the 33 Heavens desperately tried to kill off the abyssals and repair the Heaven and Man Array, eight True Divinity abyssals recklessly rushed through the giant gap!

These eight abyssals seemed unaffected by the divine dream space. Their eyes were blood red and their gazes like those of wild beasts; it seemed they had lost all wisdom and reasoning.

“Be careful!”

Xiao Moxian cried out in alarm. She could feel dark and evil fluctuations of energy within the eight abyssals. She had felt these fluctuations of energy before – this was the Demon God’s Tomb Master’s world strength.

Thinking of the manic, beast-like eyes of these eight True Divinities, Xiao Moxian realized that they were likely puppets controlled by the Demon God’s Tomb Master!

They were just like Deep Child, filled with an absolutely unwavering faith and loyalty towards the Demon God’s Tomb Master and completely unafraid of death!

Just as Xiao Moxian was about to warn everyone about these eight abyssals that wouldn’t fear death, something occurred that left everyone shuddering.

Without a word, the eight True Divinity abyssals plunged towards the 28 True Divinities of the 33 Heavens and exploded without hesitation!

Four abyssals split apart, one each going towards the True Divinities of the primal god race, saint race, human race, as well as the Asura Road.

But the four other abyssals hurtled towards Divine Dream. It was clear they could see that Divine Dream was the true leader of the 33 Heavens and wanted to break down the pillar that held up the hearts of the 33 Heavens martial artists!

“Senior Divine Dream!”

In that instant Xiao Moxian, Mo Eversnow, and Lin Huang all rushed towards Divine Dream. However, the four True Divinities exploding themselves happened too quickly. And with the speed of the explosive force and impact waves, it was simply impossible for Xiao Moxian and the others to stop it.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The strength from a True Divinity blowing themselves up was incredible. In particular, these True Divinities were controlled by the Soul Emperor so they committed suicide without a second thought, immediately burning away the entirety of their blood vitality and divine soul.

Divine lights shot out. The True Divinities of the 33 Heavens were all drawn into the chaos of the explosion.

“Brother To Bagui!”

On the side of the primal god race, Diwuhen’s body cracked as the impact from the True Divinity explosion struck him! And this was only because the primal god race martial artists had gathered together to block the True Divinity explosion; otherwise, Diwuhen would have likely suffered a grisly death by now. In terms of strength, Diwuhen was still weaker than the abyssal True Divinity who had blown himself up.

The saints were in an even worse state. Even with Soaring Feather’s protection, the saint True Divinities suffered tremendous losses. Astral Vault’s chest was pierced through and another newly promoted saint True Divinity was directly torn apart because his foundation was too shallow.

But the most miserable were Sovereign Heaven Union and Divine Void. They came from the Asura Road and stood in a different camp from the True Divinities of the 33 Heavens. Here, the different True Divinities all stood together on their own sides. When the eight True Divinity abyssals blew themselves up, the True Divinities of each camp had joined together to resist the explosion. But, Sovereign Heaven Union and Divine Void had only the two of them and their strengths were also amongst the weakest.

Moreover, they were both weaker than the abyssal True Divinity who had blown up. Now, as the two of them were sucked into the explosion they both released miserable cries as their mortal bodies were ripped apart and their divine souls were sundered!

But at this moment, no one had time to pay attention to the dead Sovereign Heaven Union and Divine Void; they were all worried about Divine Dream.

Divine Dream bore the brunt of the attack, forced to face off against the strength from four abyssal True Divinities blowing themselves up!

Mo Eversnow and the others were only able to block a little bit of the energy for Divine Dream; the rest had to be withstood by her.

The divine dream space shattered and Divine Dream’s body was stained wet with blood. She was sent flying away like a butterfly with broken wings…

“Senior Divine Dream!”

Xiao Moxian rushed forwards to catch Divine Dream, her eyes filled with worry and anxiousness. In this war, Divine Dream was their central pillar. If something happened to her then morale would plummet.

Divine Dream had wounds upon wounds. Her face was pale like funeral paper and blood flowed out from her mouth and ears.

“Her spiritual sea has been torn and she overdrew her life. It will be impossible for her to restore her combat strength in a short period of time…”

Ink could make out Divine Dream’s current state from a glance. As he did, his heart sank even deeper.

Divine Dream was the pillar of the 33 Heavens. If Divine Dream fell, how could they continue fighting this war?

Now, there was still 10 days left. A powerful ally had appeared on the side of the abyssals, and as for themselves, they had suffered severe losses. Things had become completely disproportionate now, and it was likely they couldn’t even last another day.

“Lin Ming… please hurry…”

Xiao Moxian bit her lips as she glanced at where Lin Ming was in seclusion.

She knew that Lin Ming must have entered the most critical period of his seclusion. If he were to be interrupted at this time then all his previous efforts would end in vain…

Lin Huang and Jiu’er flew forwards and grabbed hold of Xiao Moxian’s hand.

Lin Ming was their final hope. The reason they persisted until now was all in order to allow him to complete his seclusion. But the longer this continued, the more difficult it became...

There was still 10 days remaining. In the lifespan of a True Divinity, 10 days was not even a flicker of time. But now these 10 days had become an impassable moat, a distant goal that seemed unattainable…

Perhaps they would really die here. But if she could die with Lin Ming, then that didn’t seem like something difficult to accept…

Xiao Moxian humorlessly smiled. And at this time, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens were processing the corpses of Divine Void, Sovereign Heaven Union, and the newly promoted saint True Divinity.

Three True Divinities had perished and Divine Dream had been grievously wounded. Without a doubt, this was a calamitous turn of events for the 33 Heavens martial artists.

“Divine Void… hah…”

Seeing Divine Void die here, Empyrean Divine Mist was filled with a deep and strange emotion.

Divine Void was Divine Mist’s sworn enemy. Divine Mist had wanted to burn Divine Void’s bones to ashes and refine his soul, but today Divine Void had died and Divine Mist could only feel a sense of grief, completely unable to summon any joyful thoughts.

Divine Void was not a good person. In fact, he was a thankless person who forgot graces and held no virtues. He was extremely selfish and cruel, but today he had died in battle for the 33 Heavens.

This wasn’t what he wanted. Divine Void wasn’t someone with such noble thoughts, but instead was forced to because he had no choice.

In the current 33 Heavens, whether someone walked the righteous path, whether they walked the demonic path, whether or not they had committed countless sins or had taken countless innocent lives, everyone was forced to lay down their pasts and fight for their continued survival. This was because there was no path to escape left for anyone anymore.

The Heaven and Man Array fell into a deathly silence. The atmosphere was filled with an unprecedented level of tenseness!

“Is there nothing else we can do?”

Divine Dream weakly said as she swallowed a pill. She wryly shook her head.

In front of her, the armies of the Dark Abyss were gathering once more!

Just now, they had lost eight True Divinity abyssals in a single breath. But to them, this loss wasn’t anything at all because they still had over 50 True Divinities in their ranks.

Moreover, the four upper True Divinities and ‘Evil’ remained uninjured!

They just needed around a single day to fully restore themselves. That moment would be the end of times for the 33 Heavens!

“Perhaps… perhaps… there might be a way…”

At this time, Clear suddenly spoke up, his voice grim and sad.

But his words actually caused everyone’s hearts to shake.

“What can we do?”

Everyone’s eyes began to shine. Common logic indicated that they had all fallen into a hopelessly dire situation without any chance of survival. But, the one who spoke was Clear, a Guardian of the Asura Road. When people were in desperate straits it was always easy for them to accept a slim chance of hope, no matter how uncertain that hope was. If there was a chance to live, just who would willingly accept death?

“Yin Yang Despair Valley, Forsaken Mortal Tomb…”

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