MW Chapter 2245A

Chapter 2245A – Explosion

The battle reached an unprecedented state of brutality. When the martial artists of the 33 Heavens desperately tried to kill off the abyssals and repair the Heaven and Man Array, eight True Divinity abyssals recklessly rushed through the giant gap!

These eight abyssals seemed unaffected by the divine dream space. Their eyes were blood red and their gazes like those of wild beasts; it seemed they had lost all wisdom and reasoning.

“Be careful!”

Xiao Moxian cried out in alarm. She could feel dark and evil fluctuations of energy within the eight abyssals. She had felt these fluctuations of energy before – this was the Demon God’s Tomb Master’s world strength.

Thinking of the manic, beast-like eyes of these eight True Divinities, Xiao Moxian realized that they were likely puppets controlled by the Demon God’s Tomb Master!

They were just like Deep Child, filled with an...

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