MW Chapter 2244

Chapter 2244 – Evil

Divine Dream’s speculations weren’t wrong; the abyssals were indeed gathering their strength. And, their next attack completely surpassed the expectations of the 33 Heavens martial artists.

After a quiet three days, it was the 18th day of the abyssal invasion.

Winds began to suddenly surge. 10,000 miles high in the sky, the vault of the heavens was torn open and a space channel appeared from nowhere.

“Space channel!”

Seeing this, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens all felt their hearts tighten. The Demon God’s Tomb Master’s attack and the abyssal invasion had all been done through space channels.

If this space channel suddenly appeared then it was likely the work of the Dark Abyss. In other words, it was absolutely bad news.

“Are those reinforcements from the Dark ...

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