MW Chapter 2243

Chapter 2243 – One Month Period


In the skies, the energies of over 8000 abyssals gathered together, transforming into the phantom of a giant demon god.

This demon god was like the ancestor god capable of destroying all of existence. It emitted a terrifying pressure, overlooking the world with disdain!

“What is that!?”

On the side of the 33 Heavens, many martial artists had just finished their meditation. As they looked at the giant demon god phenomenon swirling in the skies, all of them felt greatly suppressed.

Even though they were separated by the Heaven and Man Array, this demon god’s aura still left them gasping for breath.

Some of the 33 Heavens’ martial artists with weaker cultivations paled, their palms dripping with sweat.

“This is a battle array, one even stronger than the last. If I’m not wrong then this...

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