MW Chapter 2243

Chapter 2243 – One Month Period


In the skies, the energies of over 8000 abyssals gathered together, transforming into the phantom of a giant demon god.

This demon god was like the ancestor god capable of destroying all of existence. It emitted a terrifying pressure, overlooking the world with disdain!

“What is that!?”

On the side of the 33 Heavens, many martial artists had just finished their meditation. As they looked at the giant demon god phenomenon swirling in the skies, all of them felt greatly suppressed.

Even though they were separated by the Heaven and Man Array, this demon god’s aura still left them gasping for breath.

Some of the 33 Heavens’ martial artists with weaker cultivations paled, their palms dripping with sweat.

“This is a battle array, one even stronger than the last. If I’m not wrong then this battle array is fused with runes of the Demon God!”

The one who spoke was Ink. His sight and experience was naturally something that the martial artists of the 33 Heavens couldn’t compare with.

“Runes of the Demon God?” Emperor Shakya’s heart chilled. They had heard the name Demon God many times already. It seemed that this Demon God was the founder of the Demon God’s Tomb.

“It’s just like Lin Ming adding his power of Laws unto our bodies. Similarly, the abyssals can find higher level runes to strengthen themselves. Things are going to become more difficult from here on out…”

Clear bitterly smiled. He realized that this battle would be more severe than first imagined.

But no matter what runes were fused into the battle array of the demon army, this wasn’t what the martial artists of the 33 Heavens needed to care about. All they had to do was to fight with everything they had.


The demon god roared. Its cry shattered mountains and sundered rivers. It was like a boundless curtain of night came falling down, covering the defensive array of the 33 Heavens martial artists inside.


The Heaven and Man Array emitted a creaking sound from the immense burden; cracks began to appear on the surface.

This was strength capable of destroying a world. The closest several hundred Empyreans bore the brunt of this attack. Their bodies shook and they were sent flying away. In the terrifying impact they were no different from tiny leaves in a storm, simply incapable of resisting. Even the True Divinity level Jun Bluemoon spat out a mouthful of blood that dyed his snow white clothes red.


As everyone drew back, screams emitted from the martial artists of the 33 Heavens. Some people were unable to withstand the violent energy shockwaves that were released and exploded into pieces!

Everyone watched helplessly as those who were just breathing a moment ago were torn to shreds.

Within this energy storm, if one was able to maintain their protective shields then they would be able to withstand it. But if one’s protective shields were shattered then one would immediately be ripped to pieces!

This miserable way of death left everyone’s scalps tingling with fear.

The storm ravaged the world for a full incense stick of time before slowly subsiding. The Asura Sea had evaporated from the heat, and over 20 martial artists of the 33 Heavens had died in the chaos. Many of them didn’t even have skeletons remaining and were only a vague pile of blood and goo on the ground.

“This is too tragic!”

Those that died had all been overlords of the 33 Heavens. Many of them had lived for millions of years already and were rulers of their own worlds. But in a war of this level, all of them were incomparably fragile.

All that could be collected for burial were incomplete corpses. The hearts of the 33 Heavens’ martial artists were filled with sadness and grief.

However, no one stopped to mourn the dead. Without instruction from Divine Dream they all began to sit down and meditate to restore their energies.

What awaited them was an even more brutal battle.

“Jun Bluemoon, are you alright?”

Divine Dream worriedly inquired into Jun Bluemoon’s wounds. Within the 33 Heavens, there were only 28 True Divinities left remaining. If Empyreans died then they wouldn’t collapse, but every time one of the 28 True Divinities died it would make the array formation lose a supporting corner, causing the pressure to be that much greater.

“I’m fine…”

Jun Bluemoon forced out a smile, indicating that he could still continue to fight.

Clear took out a pill and fed it to Jun Bluemoon to help him recover as soon as possible.

“These wretches!”

In the distance, a pale Great Flood Demon Kingdom Imperial Scholar hatefully gnashed out. In that strike just now, he and the other upper True Divinities had formed the foundation of the array formation and had consumed a tremendous amount of energy.

Although they had struck open a crack in the Heaven and Man Array, this crack wasn’t enough to shatter the grand array. And as they watched, the array formation was clearly repairing itself. This left the many abyssals stunned. This array formation was far stronger than their initial expectations.

“Humph, let’s see just how long they can last.”

This was a protracted war of attrition. The Dark Abyss would launch an attack against the 33 Heavens every day. Sometimes several of the 33 Heavens’ martial artists would die, sometimes it would be around a dozen, and sometimes it would be in the dozens.

Everyone had already become accustomed to their allies dying by their sides. After witnessing so much death all around them, these overlords of the 33 Heavens were actually no longer afraid of dying.

In truth, they valued their lives, but they feared the annihilation of their races even more. They feared that after their death their descendants would be taken in as slaves and even reared as beasts in pens, butchered whenever the abyssals wished.

The fierce battle continued for another 12 days. The 33 Heavens had lost around 300 Empyrean level martial artists so far.

Three True Divinities had been injured, of which Jun Bluemoon was the most severely wounded. This wasn’t because Jun Bluemoon was weak. In fact, Jun Bluemoon’s strength was outstanding amongst lower True Divinities. However, because he had to withstand the direct frontal impact of the abyssal race’s battle array, his injuries had superimposed on each other, causing him to suffer heavy losses.

Even so, Jun Bluemoon didn’t withdraw to the rear because the current situation didn’t allow him to do so.

After the 15th day, over 400 Empyreans had died on the side of the 33 Heavens.

To the Heaven and Man Array, the 28 True Divinities were the most important figures; they were the crux, the foundation of the array. But Empyreans were also important. When 1800 Empyreans gathered together, the war strength they displayed was incredible.

For this Empyrean level war strength, if a few dozens died then the losses were acceptable. But after hundreds died, it became clear that the defensive capabilities of the Heaven and Man Array had weakened.

With every attack, more and more large cracks formed and these cracks also healed themselves at an increasingly slow pace.

The 33 Heavens’ martial artists could clearly feel the pressure rapidly increasing on them. It had to be known that on the side of the Dark Abyss, they suffered nearly no losses. At most some abyssals had burnt too much blood essence and temporarily drew back to restore themselves.

In a situation where one side’s overall strength was twice that of the other side, and in a situation where that side chose to use a continuous attack to wear down their enemy, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens were finding themselves slowly unable to continue!

And currently, only half the amount of the required time that Lin Ming had spoken of had passed!

Could they really last for a month? No one could guarantee this.

Perhaps before a month passed, all the martial artists of the 33 Heavens would have died in battle already.

From the 16th day onwards, the abyssals’ onslaught actually slowed down a little.

But in this situation Divine Dream and the other high level figures of the 33 Heavens didn’t feel any sense of ease. Rather, their moods became increasingly dark and tense. They realized that this was likely the calm before the storm. The abyssals were gathering their energies for an even more terrifying attack!

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