MW Chapter 2242

Chapter 2242 – Until the End

“Not attacking and only defending, you’re just waiting for death! Humph!”

“Although Lin Ming is strong he is actually in seclusion and was also wounded by the Demon God. The array formation he laid down can’t stop us!”

The abyssal True Divinities all attacked, working together to crush the defensive array formation in front of them. They knew that all array formations had a limit to the amount of energy they contained, and once this limit was reached the array formation would naturally shatter. At that time, all that awaited the martial artists of the 33 Heavens was slaughter.

However, as the abyssal True Divinities released world-shocking demonic strikes again and again, their complexion began to turn ugly.

The firmness of this array formation had surpassed their imaginations! They attacked...

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