MW Chapter 2242

Chapter 2242 – Until the End

“Not attacking and only defending, you’re just waiting for death! Humph!”

“Although Lin Ming is strong he is actually in seclusion and was also wounded by the Demon God. The array formation he laid down can’t stop us!”

The abyssal True Divinities all attacked, working together to crush the defensive array formation in front of them. They knew that all array formations had a limit to the amount of energy they contained, and once this limit was reached the array formation would naturally shatter. At that time, all that awaited the martial artists of the 33 Heavens was slaughter.

However, as the abyssal True Divinities released world-shocking demonic strikes again and again, their complexion began to turn ugly.

The firmness of this array formation had surpassed their imaginations! They attacked for such a long time but there hadn’t been much energy loss at all.

“How could this be…?”

“This array formation is strange… that Lin Ming, even in seclusion he could lay down such an array?”

The abyssal True Divinities muttered, shocked.

In fact, it wasn’t just them who were shocked, but the martial artists of the 33 Heavens within the Heaven and Man Array were also stunned by the effectiveness of this array formation.

Within the array formation they could feel the energy structure to an even clearer degree.

The structure was a sublime and perfect composition, just like an eggshell. It dispersed the attack of every abyssal across the entire array formation, minimizing the impact of every strike to its lowest possible degree.

This array formation was named the Heaven and Man Array. The light barrier that shrouded everyone was ‘heaven’, and the martial artists within were ‘man’. With heaven and man combined together, this was a perfect union to enforce the array formation.

The abyssals possessed a horrifying strength. But even though they had over 60 True Divinities and 8000 Empyreans gathered together they still couldn’t manage to break past the array formation, and the person who set up the array formation was still in seclusion.

“Lin Ming, it seems he is far stronger than we expected. No wonder the lord Demon God places so much importance on him…”

“I thought that we could slowly erase the runes of the array formation then all of us could attack together to completely destroy it, but it seems that this isn’t a good idea.”

“Let’s change methods. Break through the defensive array with our battle array!”

The leading demon kings made a decisive change in tactics. They led the 8000 some abyssal Empyreans and 60 abyssal True Divinities to set up their battle array once more and directly attack the Heaven and Man Array.

“We cannot let those abyssal get what they want. We’ve only managed to hold out for a day so far.”

“There are still 29 days remaining. We must persist until the end, otherwise all that we have worked for will end in vain!”

Seeing the abyssals go all-out, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens revolved their blood vitality to the limit. Energy surged out from them in monstrous waves!

They were inferior to the Dark Abyss in overall strength, but by relying on the Heaven and Man Array they could greatly diminish the disparity.

The 33 Heavens had 28 True Divinities that guarded 28 different spots within the array formation. As for the 1800 some Empyreans, they were dispersed equally around the array formation. All of them utilized their energies to the limit to resist the abyssals.

The abyssals began their attacks once more. The distant skies were already swallowed up by tumbling waves of demonic flames!

Divine light howled and pierced through the world. The demon army’s attack brutally fell down upon the Heaven and Man Array.


Like a thousand stars exploding, all sounds faded as light seemed to disappear from the heavens and earth.

Even the defensive abilities of the Heaven and Man Array were unable to completely isolate out the impact of energy. Ripples appeared in the light barrier and spread out in all directions.

20 some Empyreans bore the brunt of this attack and weren’t able to withstand the impact force. They were sent tumbling backwards, spitting out blood. Three Empyreans amongst them blew apart as they were sent flying back, immediately dying a miserable death!

People had died!

Ever since the final apocalyptic war arrived, this was the first time that people from the side of the 33 Heavens had died!

The losses of these three Empyreans didn’t seem like much, but everyone knew that this was only the beginning.

Of the full month needed, only a single day had passed.

As the battle continued it would only become increasingly heated and violent. The energies consumed would grow larger and larger, and inevitably there would be more and more that died.

This was would be a bitter and protracted defensive war. Their only hope to live on was to… last until the end!

“Heal the wounded!”

Divine Dream’s voice echoed out from within the Heaven and Man Array.

As for the three Empyreans that had died, their mutilated and incomplete corpses had already been respectfully received into the spatial rings of their companions.

At this time, no one was sad and no one mourned. This was because no one knew just when they themselves would become icy cold corpses that were put away by others.

If some people managed to luckily live through this war then their corpses would be buried and they would be lifted up as heroes, recorded in the annals of history and in the hearts of their descendants.

But if they all died then their corpses would be turned to ashes and the abyssals would mock them as naught but dead slaves.

The martial artists of the 33 Heavens silently distributed pills around. Everyone began to meditate and restore themselves because they knew that before long, the next attack of the abyssals would arrive.

Since they were only defending and not attacking, the number of abyssals would not lower over time.

But as for them, every collision meant that some people would die. And the more people that died the weaker the defensive strength of the array formation would become. And the weaker the defensive strength of the array formation, the more people would die. This cycle would continue until the entire array eventually collapsed!

“These trash races are actually so difficult to deal with…”

The four demon kings all had gloomy complexions. Their attack had only managed to kill three Empyreans. It was hard for them to accept this as a victory.

“A good number of them burnt their blood essence so it will surely be a problem for them to restore themselves. As for our demon army, no one has burnt their blood essence so our recovery speed will be faster.”

“If we continued to wear them down then they will undoubtedly die!”

“Burning their blood essence? Humph!” Cold light flashed in the eyes of the Deep King Road Sovereign. “With so many people, if they each took turns burning their blood essence then they could drag things out for a long time! I do not want them to live this long. The lord Demon God has ordered us to destroy them as soon as possible! If they can burn their blood essence then so can we! Our six great totem level sects have accumulated countless blood pills and heavenly materials for all these years. If it is only the Empyrean level abyssals then even if they burn their blood essence we could still make up for their lost blood vitality!”

“Good! Then there is no need to delay. Destroy them all!”

The abyssals began to eat up blood pills and restore their strength.

Infernal energy gushed out from their bodies, soaring to the heavens. Killing intent seethed all around them. Even from far away and beneath the Heaven and Man Array, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens could still clearly feel this.

The abyssals had used less than a day to restore themselves to their peak state.

They had formed their battle array once more and wanted to tear the Heaven and Man Array apart. This time, a good number of abyssals chose to burn their blood essence.

Terrifying levels of energy began condensing in the horizon.

The Asura Sea surged. The heavens trembled. A sneer appeared on the lips of the four upper True Divinity abyssals. All of them were diabolically grinning.

“Lin Ming, no matter how outstanding your talent is, you will still die here!”


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