MW Chapter 2240

Chapter 2240 – The Disparity In Strength

Before the demon army of billions, Mo Eversnow stood alone. Her white clothes were untainted like fresh snow as she proudly stared down the abyssals!

Her gaze was cold and sharp. She grasped a deep blue sword, killing intent flooding out from her eyes!

“You…” The Demon Association’s Highest Elder narrowed his eyes as he looked at Mo Eversnow. When he looked at her, he had a sense of déjà vu, as if he had encountered her before.

“Who are you?” The Demon Association’s Highest Elder asked. But as he did, he saw another group of martial artists rapidly flying in from behind her.

Although they were far away, the Demon Association’s Highest Elder soon recognized them. They were people of the ancient races, and these ancient race martial artists also had a faint aura of the Dark Abyss.

The Demon Association’s Highest Elder narrowed...

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