MW Chapter 2240

Chapter 2240 – The Disparity In Strength

Before the demon army of billions, Mo Eversnow stood alone. Her white clothes were untainted like fresh snow as she proudly stared down the abyssals!

Her gaze was cold and sharp. She grasped a deep blue sword, killing intent flooding out from her eyes!

“You…” The Demon Association’s Highest Elder narrowed his eyes as he looked at Mo Eversnow. When he looked at her, he had a sense of déjà vu, as if he had encountered her before.

“Who are you?” The Demon Association’s Highest Elder asked. But as he did, he saw another group of martial artists rapidly flying in from behind her.

Although they were far away, the Demon Association’s Highest Elder soon recognized them. They were people of the ancient races, and these ancient race martial artists also had a faint aura of the Dark Abyss.

The Demon Association’s Highest Elder narrowed his eyes. As he recalled the familiar feeling when he saw Mo Eversnow, he suddenly smiled. “I was wondering who it was. So it’s the dying embers of the yellow scarf bandits. I thought it was strange when you all disappeared 15,000 years ago but it turns out you were hiding in the 33 Heavens!”

In the past Mo Eversnow had started a slave uprising in the Dark Abyss, and their main enemy was the Demon Association. However, the scale of this rebel army had never been able to enter the eyes of the Demon Association’s Highest Elder.

“You bunch of ants. Since you want to die then you can all die here together!”

The subordinates that Mo Eversnow brought were basically all once slaves of the Dark Abyss. No matter how diligently these people trained it would be impossible for them to reach the True Divinity realm. Facing the army of the Dark Abyss, they couldn’t play much of a role at all.

But the one leading them, Mo Eversnow, actually caused the Demon Association’s Highest Elder to feel a level of dread.

Mo Eversnow’s cultivation was only a slight bit away from reaching the upper True Divinity realm. But, the aura she gave off indicated that she was no weaker than a genuine upper True Divinity.

This degree of strength was already amazing. In the past when Lin Ming entered the Dark Abyss for the first time and encountered Mo Eversnow, her cultivation had been between an Empyrean and True Divinity. At that time, she was able to help Lin Ming make the killing blow against a True Divinity Elder of the Demon Association. Now, after so many years passed, although the strength she obtained seemed a tad exaggerated, it was still within acceptable bounds. Heavenly Empress Xuanqing used to be an extreme Empyrean master and whether it was Heavenly Empress Xuanqing or Mo Eversnow herself, they both had incredibly high levels of talent.

“There really are so many people that want to die. Since all of you are so obstinate then you can all go to hell together today!”

The abyssal True Divinities all moved towards the front of the demon army. There were over 60 True Divinities!

15,000 years ago, the Dark Abyss actually had over 100 True Divinities.

Over 20 True Divinity level abyssals had died in the venture into the Demon God’s Tomb, leaving 90 some True Divinities left over in the Dark Abyss.

The abyssals didn’t know the secrets of the Demon God’s Tomb nor did they know how 20 some True Divinity abyssals died. But even if they knew, it would be useless because they had no other choice; they all had to obey the orders of the Demon God’s Tomb Master!

In the past, the Demon God’s Tomb Master quietly killed off some True Divinity level abyssals in order to repair the nearly collapsed Emperor Bone Sea. The spiritas True Divinities and Empyreans that were brought over to the Dark Abyss were also killed off by the Demon God’s Tomb Master, all of them turned into nourishment for the Demon God’s Tomb.

Now, the Dark Abyss only had 60 some True Divinity level abyssals remaining and all of them had been sent out by the Demon God’s Tomb Master!

Although the number of True Divinities in the Dark Abyss had plummeted, it still wasn’t a number that the 33 Heavens could compare with.

The Asura Road Master had fully released all the destiny and resources that had accumulated in the Asura Road for the last 10 billion years. But, the majority had been used for Lin Ming and there wasn’t much remaining. It was already pushing the limits to train another dozen some True Divinities, and these people included Dragon Fang, Jun Bluemoon, Xiao Moxian, Lin Huang, Jiu’er, and some others. These were people who, if they originally cultivated as they did, would have almost been able to break into True Divinity already.

Moreover, besides these people, there was also Dark Demon Monarch, Diwuhen, and a few others. Although they broke into True Divinity they weren’t too strong. They were just at the early True Divinity realm, and when compared to those old abyssals who had broken into the True Divinity realm hundreds of millions of years ago, the disparity was apparent to all.

There were a dozen some newly promoted True Divinities as well as the original seven or eight True Divinities of the 33 Heavens. Then, there was Ink and Clear as well as Divine Mist who had seized the body of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

Altogether, the 33 Heavens had around 27-28 True Divinities; they couldn’t even reach half of the Dark Abyss’s numbers.

The 33 Heavens had less than half the number of True Divinities and the difference in Empyreans was even greater.

In the past, because of the great war between the saints and humanity, a great number of Empyreans had died. When the spiritas were added in, the 33 Heavens only had a fourth of the Empyreans that the Dark Abyss did!

The disparity in strength was massive!

Although an Empyrean didn’t have any power to resist a True Divinity, if several thousands and hundreds of them were to join together in a great battle formation, their combat strength could not be underestimated.

In this sort of situation, if the 33 Heavens were to battle the Dark Abyss, the result could be imagined.

“Kill them all!”

“Trample flat the 33 Heavens!”

The first ones to attack were the dozen some middle True Divinities in the frontlines; their blood boiled and their killing intent surged to the heavens!

Once they attacked they were merciless. Dazzling demonic lights smashed out like landslides and tsunamis.

On the side of the 33 Heavens, no one was willing to show any weakness.

Ink, Clear, Mo Eversnow, Divine Dream, Lin Huang, Xiao Moxian, and the others all attacked together. Divine Law lights sizzled through the heavens. The waters of the Asura Sea swirled into the air, turned into divine dragons that danced in the skies!

This was the first exchange and was limited to the middle True Divinity realm martial artists and above. This collision was like a brief battle of commanders when two armies faced each other. Although it seemed like just a probing strike, the truth was that it was incredibly significant and related to the morale of both sides!

Whether it was the Dark Abyss or 33 Heavens, every True Divinity gave their all.

Energy beams wildly shot outwards. Some were deep red like blood, some were as brilliant as suns, and some shined with the divine light of Laws, weaving back and forth like silver pythons formed from lightning.

In this frenzied battle, the 33 Heavens continued to occupy the disadvantage. But Mo Eversnow, Xiao Moxian, Divine Dream, Divine Mist, and the others all grit their teeth and persisted. At this time, none of them could weaken their momentum!

In fact, the smallest gap between the 33 Heavens and the Dark Abyss lay in their high level war strengths.

The 33 Heavens had no lack of geniuses.

The Great Flood Demon Kingdom’s Imperial Scholar sneered. He waved his hand and more True Divinity abyssals joined the fray. With 60 some True Divinity abyssals against a mere 27-28, this giant difference in numbers simply couldn’t be made up for.

“Let’s fight!”

On the side of the 33 Heavens, all True Divinities moved to battle!

Monstrous waves rose up from the Asura Sea. Two giant beasts emerged from the waters. They were the True Divinity level vicious beasts that guarded the Asura Sea, and at this time they also contributed their own strength.

But, the disparity was still there; it was unable to be bridged.

After the countless energy storms from the first barrage of attacks collapsed and faded away, the Dark Abyss’s True Divinity abyssals simply hadn’t consumed much energy. However, the True Divinities of the 33 Heavens all had ugly looks on their faces. There were even some new early True Divinities who had yet to consolidate their strength that had blood flowing from the corners of their lips.

The first exchange was already like this. If the battle were to continue, the ending could be imagined!

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