MW Chapter 2239

Chapter 2239 – Four Demon Kings

Looking at the endless flood of abyssals, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens all felt a tingle creep across their scalps.

A great number of powerful influences had gathered in the Asura Road in these past years. But if compared to the Dark Abyss then they were worse by one level, whether it was in the overall quantity or quality of masters.

The strength of the abyssals wasn’t something that the 33 Heavens could compare with. Even though Ink and Clear had released all the accumulated inheritances of the Asura Road in these last 10,000 years and forcefully increased the strength of the 33 Heavens, the disparity with the Dark Abyss was just far too great.

“What do we do!?”

A newly-promoted saint race True Divinity worriedly said. When facing the abyssal legions, no one was able to maintain their calm.

This was the bloodthirsty and cruel abyssal race, a race that would even eat them alive!

“There is no escape route for us. We can only bet our lives on this final battle!”

Soaring Feather God King’s eyes lit up with a flaming fighting intent. She was well aware that what awaited them today might be total annihilation, but so what? If the 33 Heavens were swallowed by the Dark Abyss it would mean death, and if fighting meant death too, then they might as well heroically die upon the sandy battlefield!

“Protect Lin Ming at all costs. No matter what happens, he is our final hope…”

Divine Dream said. In truth, many people were aware that with the invasion of the Dark Abyss, it would be impossible for them to be protected by Lin Ming here.

And when Lin Ming entered his second period of seclusion he would need at least 10,000 years. Now, there was still 100 years left remaining, and Lin Ming had also been wounded by the Demon God’s Tomb Master. His training might be influenced and Lin Ming himself still might be severely wounded!

To rely on Lin Ming emerging from seclusion to rescue them was impossible.

“It doesn’t matter! Lin Ming has already protected us so many times and this time it should be us who protects him!”

“I have already been bitterly cultivating in the time enchantment for 50,000 years! All of my efforts were to prepare for this battle!”

“Let’s fight to the death!”

“Killing one is enough, killing two is a gain!”

Facing the demon army of the Dark Abyss, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens didn’t feel dispirited at all. Instead, on the border of death, many of them were filled with bravery.

Since they had no road to escape, they might as well risk their lives in this one final battle!

“What fearless and stupid people…”

A hoarse voice echoed out. Amongst the demon army of the Dark Abyss, an old abyssal covered with black scales coldly sneered. “The years are heartless and there is no race capable of withstanding the passing of time. The lot of you have already occupied the resource-rich 33 Heavens long enough; it’s about time for you to let it go.”

This old abyssal was the Imperial Scholar of the Great Flood Demon Kingdom. His cultivation was at the peak of the upper True Divinity realm and he was the top figure besides ‘Flood’.

The higher abyssals of the Great Flood Demon Kingdom had been led by him to wage war against the 33 Heavens.

“You are right. There is no race able to withstand the passing of years, and you abyssals are also the same. You have existed for far too long already. It’s time for you all to enter the grave where you belong.”

A cold voice sounded out. Divine Dream floated high in the air, her white clothes wafting about her as she stood in harsh contention with the Imperial Scholar.

Within the time enchantment, Divine Dream was the first and only master of the 33 Heavens to break into upper True Divinity. This was also because Ink and Clear had recklessly poured resources into her so that her cultivation could increase as fast as possible. While this would create problems with the stability of her foundation, Divine Dream didn’t have the scruples to care about such things with the present situation.

“Haha! Our abyssal race is different. Even the great Shattering of the universe 100 billion years ago wasn’t able to destroy us. Since we managed to withstand the Heavenly Dao’s wishes to erase us from existence, then we should replace the Heavenly Dao as the rulers of this universe. The 33 Heavens belong to our abyssal race, and from this day on we will become the sole supreme rulers of the world!”

“You have already lost this battle. Hand over Lin Ming and recognize my abyssal race as your lord and master and we might forgive you and allow you your lives.”

Another old abyssal spoke up; he was Deep King Road’s Sovereign and also possessed a peak upper True Divinity level cultivation. Usually, he was the voice of ‘Deep’ in the Dark Abyss and also conveyed Deep’s commands.

“When the dragon is in the shallows the shrimps think they can come to bully. If Lin Ming were in his peak state your so-called great demon army would be nothing more than packs of dogs and chickens. However many came would die!”

Xiao Moxian hatefully said on the side of the 33 Heavens.

“A pack of dogs and chickens? Don’t you think your worship of him is too ridiculous? No matter how strong he is he still hasn’t stepped Beyond Divinity, nor will he have the chance to! When the Demon God attacked he was severely wounded, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if he has already died! Are you still hoping that he can leave seclusion to save you? How laughable!”

Another low and deep voice sounded out from the side of the abyssals. This was the third upper True Divinity abyssal. He was part of the Demon Association and was their Highest Elder. The Demon Association’s totem level abyssal had died a long time ago but the Demon Association still managed to stand tall, and a great deal of that was related to the existence of this Highest Elder.

The Demon Association has a great grudge against Lin Ming. By this time, the abyssals had already learned that the Lin Ming who was deep in seclusion was the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder who had stirred up so much chaos in the Dark Abyss.

In the Dark Abyss, many demon lords and demon kings had been played with by this human race junior that had pretended to be a higher abyssal. Moreover, they even believed that Lin Ming was a new genius that had appeared in the Dark Abyss and might even be a future totem level abyssal that ruled the Dark Abyss. To be played around with and fooled in such a manner, how could they not be angry!?

Ink and Clear stepped forwards, facing the two upper True Divinity level abyssals of the Demon Association and Deep King Road.

In a great war, the difference in the number of highest level forces was extremely important. If each upper True Divinity were to match up against an upper True Divinity, then the fight could be dragged on for a long time. But if there was an upper True Divinity that didn’t have an opponent, then they would be free to deal with the lower level martial artists. If that occurred, it would be a slaughter.

“I can see that the 33 Heavens has a considerable number of masters!”

A high level abyssal cackled. At this time, the Dark Abyss had poured forth with their full strength. Besides the upper True Divinities of the six great totem level sects, there was also an upper True Divinity that didn’t belong to any sect.

And at this time, he also stepped forwards.

As for the 33 Heavens, they only had a single upper True Divinity in Divine Dream.

With Ink and Clear, there were three of them.

Lin Huang clenched his teeth. He wanted to step forwards but Xiao Moxian grabbed onto him. “I will go with you!”

Upon reaching the True Divinity realm, even Lin Huang would find it hard to jump ranks to fight. But if Xiao Moxian were to help him, they could deal with it.

However, if they were to join together to deal with an upper True Divinity, that would make it so that the 33 Heavens wouldn’t have enough masters to deal with the Dark Abyss’s middle True Divinities. The result would still be a slaughter.

But at this time, in the distant skies, a sparkle appeared. A white-clothed figure came hurtling forwards, its speed bewildering.

Xiao Moxian was stunned. She focused her eyes and was overjoyed by what she saw. The one arriving here was Mo Eversnow!

Through the many years of parting, Xiao Moxian had no idea where Mo Eversnow had gone. But, she now appeared in their darkest hour, ready to lend them a helping hand!

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