MW Chapter 2239

Chapter 2239 – Four Demon Kings

Looking at the endless flood of abyssals, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens all felt a tingle creep across their scalps.

A great number of powerful influences had gathered in the Asura Road in these past years. But if compared to the Dark Abyss then they were worse by one level, whether it was in the overall quantity or quality of masters.

The strength of the abyssals wasn’t something that the 33 Heavens could compare with. Even though Ink and Clear had released all the accumulated inheritances of the Asura Road in these last 10,000 years and forcefully increased the strength of the 33 Heavens, the disparity with the Dark Abyss was just far too great.

“What do we do!?”

A newly-promoted saint race True Divinity worriedly said. When facing the abyssal legions, no one was able to maintain their ca...

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