MW Chapter 2238

Chapter 2238 – Invasion of the Abyss

The Amethyst Heavenly Palace was gone. Lin Ming’s original place of seclusion had been completely destroyed. Within the terrifying storm that spanned the heavens and earth, everyone could vaguely make out a person’s figure. This figure was charred black, like a piece of dead wood struck by lightning!

“Lin Ming!”


Xiao Moxian and Lin Huang were intimately related to Lin Ming and were able to instantly recognize that this charred figure was him. As they saw the pitiful condition that Lin Ming was in, Xiao Moxian’s heart wrenched and every martial artist of the 33 Heavens held their breath.

“It’s over! His Majesty Human Sovereign’s seclusion has been broken!”

“Must the heavens destroy my human race?”

“Is today the end for us saints?”


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