MW Chapter 2238

Chapter 2238 – Invasion of the Abyss

The Amethyst Heavenly Palace was gone. Lin Ming’s original place of seclusion had been completely destroyed. Within the terrifying storm that spanned the heavens and earth, everyone could vaguely make out a person’s figure. This figure was charred black, like a piece of dead wood struck by lightning!

“Lin Ming!”


Xiao Moxian and Lin Huang were intimately related to Lin Ming and were able to instantly recognize that this charred figure was him. As they saw the pitiful condition that Lin Ming was in, Xiao Moxian’s heart wrenched and every martial artist of the 33 Heavens held their breath.

“It’s over! His Majesty Human Sovereign’s seclusion has been broken!”

“Must the heavens destroy my human race?”

“Is today the end for us saints?”

In that moment, the overlords of the three races all felt despair surge in their hearts.

They hadn’t even fought and yet they had been defeated? They had put forth so much effort in the last several tens of thousands of years, and yet they didn’t even have the qualifications to fight?

“Father hasn’t died…” Jiu’er said. She could feel fluctuations of energy coming from Lin Ming. Jiu’er had experienced Lin Ming’s baptism of Laws when he broke into True Divinity, and in terms of energy resonance she was even closer than Lin Huang.

“It’s good that he hasn’t died…”

The primal god race’s Diwuhen suddenly said. Although it sounded good to say that Lin Ming hadn’t died, no one was able to relax in this situation.

From Lin Ming’s horrible condition it was likely he had suffered some severe wound. And, it had to be known that Lin Ming was currently in seclusion and he was also in his most crucial period, the final stretch to break into the realm Beyond Divinity!

How could such a period of seclusion accommodate an attack like this? Seeing Lin Ming’s charred body and severely wounded appearance, the situation was absolutely awful. This was an attack from the Demon God’s Tomb Master!

In the situation, if Lin Ming’s cultivation was broken midway, could he still complete his seclusion? Or would the Demon God’s Tomb Master’s attack ruin everything and cause Lin Ming to fail?

If this was really the result then the 33 Heavens was done for. Everything was finished.

Even if Lin Ming could still continue his seclusion, his injuries might ruin his plans of completing his cultivation in 10,000 years.

To the current 33 Heavens, time was life. If Lin Ming were to leave seclusion after the Soul Emperor then the end result was the same as Lin Ming’s seclusion being interrupted midway.

The 33 Heavens would still be destroyed and all native races sentenced to extinction!

Everyone had placed their hopes on Lin Ming, but as they saw his current state, their mood could be imagined!

At this time, space began to twist all around Lin Ming. A massive amount of world strength gathered, forming into a force field around him. This force field enveloped him and began to slowly sink back into the destroyed Asura Sea, vanishing from sight within the vortex that continued to swallow everything.

“His Majesty Human Sovereign has gone to recover his wounds…” A young, newly-promoted human Empyrean said with a heavy heart.

“If he wants to continue cultivating he certainly must restore his wounds… but, His Majesty the Human Sovereign still requires time to heal his wounds… and it will take more time than before his seclusion was interrupted. If this continues…”

A spiritas True Divinity sighed. He didn’t finish speaking, but everyone understood the meaning behind his words.

“Stop spouting such discouraging words! If the Human Sovereign has not yet died then that means we still have hope! Everyone, take a brief break and continue your training!” The one who spoke was Soaring Feather God King. As the current top figure and leader of the saints, Soaring Feather had an extremely high level of prestige. In the 33 Heavens she even neared Divine Dream in fame. But now, even Soaring Feather called Lin Ming the Human Sovereign. This was because Lin Ming was the ultimate leader of the 33 Heavens, and in public it was reasonable for her to refer to him with his title.

After stopping everyone’s panicked discussions, Soaring Feather continued to say, “The Human Sovereign has already resisted attacks at 2000 years, 4000 years, 6000 years, 8000 years, and 10,000 years. Even if there is another attack after 12,000 years and 14,000 years, how do you know that the Human Sovereign cannot withstand it? Perhaps there have been more miracles that have happened to him than the rest of us combined!”

What Soaring Feather said was the truth. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that there were far too many miracles occurring around Lin Ming.

As long as Lin Ming was able to withstand this attack and take that final step Beyond Divinity then the entire situation would be reversed!

And according to the last two attacks of the Demon God’s Tomb Master, the second attack was far weaker than the first. He had clearly overdrawn himself to make such an attack; in other words, the Demon God’s Tomb Master might stop his attacks for the next several thousand years…

If so, then the 33 Heavens had a glimmer of hope…

As everyone was thinking this, a bolt of black lightning broke out from 10,000 miles above their heads!

This black lightning was like the sword of a spiritual god, forcefully severing the vault of the heavens in two!

“What happened!?”

“It’s not over!?”

All the overlords of the various races raised their vigilance once more. They looked up into the skies where the heavens had been divided in half by that black lightning. At that place, there was a giant black hole. The black hole exuded an incomparably evil aura, and black flames spat out from the edges, wildly dancing around it like giant pythons!

“That is…”

“Space channel!”

The overlords of the 33 Heavens were all highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals. They quickly recognized that the black hole which appeared in the skies was not some attack used by a top master, but a space channel!

“This… this space channel is too big!”

The True Divinities of the three races were all stunned. The space channel began to recklessly proliferate outwards until it occupied half the skies. This feeling was as if a black universe had appeared out of thin air and was forcefully merging together with the Asura Road.

And what followed left the hearts of all martial artists quaking!

From that great black world, black figures began to appear. Dense and endless, an inexhaustible number, it looked like a swarm of locusts flying in from afar.

“That is…”


In these years, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens naturally learned of the abyssal demons and also saw what they looked like. These countless dense waves of dark figures were abyssals!

The Eternal Wall had long since been destroyed and the abyssals had been uncaged; they could invade the 33 Heavens at any moment!

The reason they patiently bided their time was not to give the races of the 33 Heavens a chance to catch their breath. Rather, it was because the Asura Road was protected by the Asura Road Master and it was meaningless to attack the 33 Heavens.

But now, the Demon God’s Tomb Master seemed to have calculated that the Asura Road Master was helping Lin Ming in the final stages of his seclusion, and because of this his strength had plummeted to its weakest point. When the Demon God’s Tomb Master had attacked, he had destroyed the Amethyst Heavenly Palace and simultaneously pierced through the great defensive array formation laid down by the Asura Road Master.

Like this, even if the Demon God’s Tomb Master couldn’t attack again, he could still send in the abyssals to destroy Lin Ming!

This was the fully gathered strength of the many Empyrean and True Divinity abyssals!

The curtains to the great war of calamity had been opened!

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