MW Chapter 2237

Chapter 2237 – Tearing Apart the Asura Road

The ancient Asura Road fell into an unprecedented crisis. The attacks from the Demon God’s Tomb Master were as accurate as a calendar, appearing once every 2000 years.

The martial artists of the 33 Heavens knew that when Lin Ming entered his second seclusion, he had said to them that this seclusion would last for about 10,000 years.

It could be expected that in these 10,000 years, the Demon God’s Tomb Master’s attacks would continue to descend upon them.

Moreover, it seemed that every attack was stronger than the last. Perhaps when the end of the 10,000 years appeared, the might of the Demon God’s Tomb Master’s attacks would reach new heights!

Just what would that scene be like? The martial artists of the 33 Heavens didn’t dare to imagine.

And at the 8000 year period, the fifth continuous attack arrived as expected!

Hum - !

The dark night of the Asura Road was illuminated with bright light, making it seem as if it were daytime. A blood red glow basked the entire world!

The heavens and earth were pierced through. It was like a peerless vicious beast was awakening within this divine light.

It was like a sun that was...

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