MW Chapter 2236

Chapter 2236 – In the Face of Catastrophe

Within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace, the Asura Road Master’s incarnation sat before the divine pool, his complexion slightly pale.

Compared to two thousand years ago, a tremendous change had already occurred within him. His face was still bright and as beautiful as jade and he was still filled with a daring heroic spirit, but his head of black hair had turned silver!

The Asura Road Master’s eyes remained as vibrant as before. Even though he had helped Lin Ming refine the two highest Laws and even though the Demon God’s Tomb Master’s attack had consumed his blood vitality just now, his expression was still one of pure serenity.

“Senior Asura… you…” Lin Ming could feel that the Asura Road Master had been injured in the brief collision with the Demon God’s Tomb Master just now!

Originally, cultivation here already forced the Asura Road Master to expend a tremendous amount of energy. Now in order to resist the attack of the Demon God’s Tomb Master, the pressure placed on him could be imagined!

“Do not be distracted. The greatest help you can offer me right now is to single-mindedly complete the refinement as soon as possible. If you can finish a hundred years earlier then that is a hundred fewer years of pressure that I must face. I hope that when you finish your cultivation, your boundary will be equal to mine!”

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat. “My boundary will be equal to Senior’s?”

The Asura Road Master’s boundary was naturally that of Beyond Divinity!

But Lin Ming thought that even if he were to seclude himself for another 10,000 years, then although his strength would greatly increase, wanting to step Beyond Divinity was actually unlikely.

Even with another potential 10,000 years added on, Lin Ming would only have cultivated for around 40,000 years. But, compared to those martial artists that had lived for hundreds of millions of years, 40,000 years was nothing at all.

The Asura Road Master said, “In terms of cultivation, you are a bit worse. But when it comes to the boundary in Laws, you actually surpass me… the so-called Beyond Divinity is in truth not some orthodox boundary. In the road of martial arts, every legitimate great boundary is divided into smaller realms – early, middle, late, peak… but Beyond Divinity does not possess these. This is because Beyond Divinity is not a large boundary at all, but a state of being, such as totem level abyssals that have reached the limits of True Divinity. When a martial artist comprehends their own perfect system of Laws, the state he achieves is called Beyond Divinity!

“Beyond Divinity. That is when one’s cultivation reaches the peak and one’s Laws reach the peak, and these two dual peaks cannot be surpassed. This is the highest realm of martial arts!”

The Asura Road Master’s words were gentle, but what he said left Lin Ming shocked. This was the first time Lin Ming had heard someone describe the Beyond Divinity realm.

“Junior understands!”

Within the Divine Conversion Pool, Lin Ming deeply bowed to the Asura Road Master. He also understood that Beyond Divinity martial artists were still divided into varying degrees of strength. Who was weaker and who was stronger, all depended on how strong a martial artist had been before they stepped Beyond Divinity and also the heights of their Laws.

Though his cultivation hadn’t reached the peak of True Divinity, none of that mattered. At the early True Divinity realm he was able to compare to a peak True Divinity already! 10,000 years from now, if his cultivation rose to the upper True Divinity realm and his Laws reached perfection, then he might be able to defeat the Demon God’s Tomb Master!


Divine Dream and Soaring Feather’s speculations hadn’t been wrong. That world-destroying light was only the beginning of the nightmare…

Two thousand years later, the divine light reappeared!

Moreover, this time it wasn’t just one, but two together!

Two beams of divine light fell from the clouds like two pillars that held up the heavens. They crashed down onto the Amethyst Heavenly Palace!

From within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace, the heaven-blocking hand appeared once more and brutally collided with those beams of light!

For a time, the earth shook and mountains rocked. The Asura Sea sagged down from the horrifying pressure, forming a giant hollow ‘water bowl’ a thousand miles deep. All the clouds above the Asura Sea were blown away by the shockwaves.

Looking at this apocalyptic scene before them, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens were bewildered. “If… if this continues, what can we do…”

The last attack had also been blocked by the Asura Road Master. They didn’t know how difficult it had been for the Asura Road Master to block that world-destroying light, but this time it seemed that it wasn’t easy for the Asura Road Master!

After these two beams of divine light blasted down, the hand created by the Asura Road Master was forcefully torn apart!

Some energy even poured down from the seams of the palm and fell onto the Amethyst Heavenly Palace like waterfalls. Luckily, the Amethyst Heavenly Palace was protected by array formations, so that energy was eventually unable to reach it…

“The situation is worsening!” Divine Dream frowned.

There was an attack after 2000 years, and it seemed as if the enemy’s strength was increasing!

This meant two things. The first was that the Demon God’s Tomb Master was in seclusion and couldn’t leave the Demon God’s Tomb nor could he freely launch attacks as he wished. He could only take advantage of small breaks or use excess energy to attack Lin Ming. And the second was that as time passed, the Demon God’s Tomb Master was constantly growing stronger.

But in the Amethyst Heavenly Palace, the Asura Road Master would clearly not grow stronger; he might even weaken with time.

If so, then the situation would only deteriorate from here on out.

Whether it was Divine Dream or the high level figures of humanity and the saints, all of them were nervous.

There was no way they could block that black divine light. Moreover, that divine light directly passed through space and was equal to instantly transferring to the area above the Amethyst Heavenly Palace; wanting to intercept it midway was impossible.

Another 2000 years passed. And sure enough, the world-destroying light appeared once more!

Two beams of divine light fell down again. Everyone held their breath as they saw this. No one had any idea whether or not the Asura Road Master would form that heaven-blocking hand once more to resist the attack. But suddenly, from above the Amethyst Heavenly Palace, a white light shot out. An ancient white altar appeared, welcoming the world-destroying light!

This stone altar was 100,000 feet tall and divided into 33 levels. This was the spirit treasure that the Asura Road Master had refined himself and placed into the final trial’s seventh level – the Divine Seal Altar!

3.6 billion years ago, Empyrean Divine Seal had once imitated the Divine Seal Altar to refine his own magic tool. This was where Empyrean Divine Seal’s name had come from.

The two world-destroying lights recklessly fell down upon the Divine Seal Altar!


The Divine Seal Altar wildly shook. Tumultuous waves rose up in the Asura Sea. Terrifying tsunamis soared a thousand miles into the skies, piercing into the heavens!

These thousand mile high tsunamis could be called a calamity, but at this time the common people of the Asura Road had already been evacuated. Thus, no matter how those giant tsunamis crashed into the earth, it still didn’t create a scene where massive numbers of lives were cut down.

“I wonder how much longer Lin Ming’s seclusion needs…” Xiao Moxian held her hands together, looking towards the direction of the Amethyst Heavenly Palace with a heavy heart.

Lin Huang gently took hold of Xiao Moxian’s hand. He knew that this world-destroying divine light was only the overture to the arrival of the true war…

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