MW Chapter 2235

Chapter 2235 – World Destroying Light

Lin Ming slowly sank to the bottom of the divine pool, feeling the waters gently brush against his body. This feeling was like a mother’s touch, each drop of water the most precious celestial nectar. This water entered Lin Ming’s body through his nose and mouth, flowing into his meridians and discharging from his 360,000 pores, constantly transforming and renewing his body as it went.

At this time, beams of strange blood red light began to gather from all around. Beneath the control of the Asura Road Master, this light flowed into the pool, causing the entire divine pool to be covered with a faint blood red glow. The strength within this pool became increasingly rich, so thick that it made one’s heart race.

At the same time, the Asura Road Master took out a demon bone. This demon bone had been the Soul Emperor’s staff, but when the Soul Emperor abducted Sheng Mei he had thrown it towards Lin Ming and didn’t have enough time to retrieve it.

The material used to forge...

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